Article: Hiring for business impact with Masai School

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Hiring for business impact with Masai School

As India Inc crafts strategies to achieve sustained business growth, hiring the right tech talent will be a game-changer.
Hiring for business impact with Masai School

As we read about the global layoffs and the anxieties around the looming recession, the recruitment climate in India appears different, especially for digital skills. While TeamLease EdTech’s latest report highlights a 67% fresher hiring outlook for ITs and 52% for Ecomm and Tech Startups; Randstad India’s insights show that the country’s stable geographical, economic and political foundation will yield an expected hiring rise between Jan-June 2023 for tech firms across India. Faced with an accelerated digital transformation and the continuous introduction of new-age technologies, the demand for new-age tech talent is not surprising.

However, the challenge that continues to impact recruiters is the limited supply of this new-age tech talent. The digital skill gap continues to be a cause for concern, with organisations investing money and time to train their in-house talent and new hires. This can result in detrimental opportunity costs as businesses are pressed to strategise and maximise growth amidst this economic uncertainty. Therefore, hiring the right talent, ready to elevate the output and impact of the organisation from day one, is what leaders actively look for. 

This is where Masai School comes in, an outcome-driven skilling institute that promises you talent that delivers. Based in Bengaluru, it draws inspiration from Kenya’s Maasai Mara Tribe’s robust skilling techniques for self-sustenance and self-reliance. Dedicated to the mission of re-skilling India Inc, Prateek Shukla, Nrupul Dev and Yogesh Bhat came together in 2019 to start this institute that empowers tech companies to scale their operations quickly and more effectively with industry-ready talent by offering long-term and short-term courses on web development and data analytics.

How does Masai empower businesses to win the tech talent game?

Hiring skilled talent is the only answer to sustain and accelerate growth. But finding high-impact talent calls for innovative recruitment practices and seeking unexplored talent pools. While fresher hiring remains a crucial priority for tech companies, campus recruitment isn’t the only solution. 

Having placed over 2500 students in 900 companies, including global giants such as Uber, JP Morgan and leading IT enterprises such as GlobalLogic, Tech Mahindra, Capgemini, and startup unicorns like Paytm, Meesho, Swiggy, Ola, ShareChat, Masai knows what it takes to win the tech talent game. Here’s what sets this platform apart:

A robust, holistic, military-style pedagogy:

Based on the concept of an 11-11-6 training regime (6 days a week, from 11 am to 11 pm), Masai offers a holistic program which ensures that every Masai student comes out with 1200+ hours of practical coding knowledge, 300+ hours of data structures and algorithm training, 80+ mini projects, 10+ hackathons and 100+ hours of soft-skill development. With an outcome-driven education system led by experts having extensive industry experience, this skilling institute plays a fundamental role in reducing the investment that IT companies have to make in their new hires. 

Their students are well versed in the current and in-demand IT skills and are made market-ready from the get-go, resulting in talent that is ready to contribute to organisational goals from day one. 

More than just industry-ready, skilled hires: 

While Masai will find the best fit for your organisation’s needs and offer skilled tech talent, it yields several other positive outcomes for your recruitment strategy. With an average hiring time of three days, the institute takes account of your unique hiring outlook and removes the hassle of a high volume of applications. It streamlines your hiring process, speeds it up, offers talent around the year and also reduces offer-shopping by candidates. Boasting a 93% retention rate, this platform also solves your retention challenges. 

Impacting thousands of lives:

Masai has also collaborated with the National Skill Development Corporation to create a framework for skill-based tech learning across the country. What’s unique about their learning model besides their practice-based- learning and world-class Mastery-Based-Progression learning methodology is their emphasis on outcome-based education and creating sustainable employment. Currently, they have a 90% offer acceptance rate. Empowering freshers to unleash their potential, student success is the driving force for Masai’s revenue model. Only when their graduates get a job which pays them 5LPA or more do they pay back the institute. 

At the heart of Masai’s skilling programs and their partnerships with leading IT companies and startups is to lead the digital revolution in India Inc. With industry-ready, high-impact, digitally skilled freshers who are productive from day one, Masai is the answer to accelerating business and achieving impact in the era of economic uncertainty. It is also the key to future-proofing your organisation with a team of agile and skilled professionals. Click here to learn more about how to level up your recruitment game by hiring from Masai.

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