Article: HR and Talent Analyst Mervyn Dinnen to speak on the five big challenges faced by TA teams

Talent Acquisition

HR and Talent Analyst Mervyn Dinnen to speak on the five big challenges faced by TA teams

In his session in the upcoming People Matters Talent Acquisition Conference 2019, global HR and Talent Analyst Mervyn Dinnen will shed light on the changing TA landscape and the five big challenges that talent acquisition teams face.
HR and Talent Analyst Mervyn Dinnen to speak on the five big challenges faced by TA teams

The People Matters Talent Acquisition Conference 2019 is returning to Mumbai this May again as part of the 2019 People Matters event series with the aim of bringing the best and the latest in the sphere of talent acquisition for the recruiting community.

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘Talent Acquisition: From action to Impact’ and the event will raise the most important question- is the TA function ready to make an impact? As we stand at the juncture of Industry 4.0, massive disruptions are taking place in technology and the socio-economic fabric on account of AI, robotics, nanotechnology, 3D printing, genetics & biotechnology. So one hand while there is a shortage of talent, on the other hand, jobs are getting disrupted in huge numbers. The onus, therefore, lies on the Talent Acquisition function to enable the organization in achieving its business outcome by getting the right talent on board at the right time.

One of the highlights of the event will be the keynote session spearheaded by global HR and Talent Analyst Mervyn Dinnen. Mervyn Dinnen has researched and written about the emerging trends that impact hiring, development, engagement, and retention. He is also an award-winning recruitment blogger and an International speaker and writer on recruitment and HR trends. 

Mervyn has also penned two books - ’Exceptional Talent' (2017) and the forthcoming book 'Digital Talent’ (Autumn 2019). He has been accredited as one of the Top 100 HR Tech Influencers - HRE, Sage UK Top 10 Global Business Influencer, Top 50 HR & Recruiting Thought Leaders - Glassdoor, Top 50 Social HR Experts - Huffington Post.

In his session Changing Talent Landscape - Redefining TA, Mervyn will shed light on what are the five big challenges that Talent Acquisition teams face. Mervyn will tell us what they are, and how the Talent Acquisition function can be redefined to prepare to meet these challenges.

In addition, Mervyn will also be conducting an exclusive masterclass on Shaping Your Talent Acquisition Function for The New Digital Talent Journey. In an era of increasing digital transformation, the way we attract, hire, develop and retain our key digital talent is changing. In this masterclass, Mervyn will guide us through the changes that we need to make to our Talent Acquisition functions if we want to remain competitive as an employer of choice in the new digital landscape.

In addition to Mervyn’s session, over the course of the day, delegates will also hear from CEOs and CHROs from a variety of business sectors and industries, on everything from becoming a destination employer to human less hiring to meeting the growing demand for digital talent.

Know more about changing TA landscape at the People Matters Talent Acquisition Conference 2019 on 29th May in Mumbai. Click here to register.

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