Article: Talent Acquisition: How to find the right talent in lesser time

Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition: How to find the right talent in lesser time

There are several creative steps that the talent acquisition team can adopt which will help them to cut down on the wastage time during recruitment.
Talent Acquisition: How to find the right talent in lesser time

Talent acquisition is a crucial part of any organization. You look for the best and brightest talent to join positions in your company. But discovering qualified candidates and the right people for the job can be a complex and time-consuming process. Fortunately, businesses can manage the recruitment process more effectively if they try out smart and innovative ideas such as outsourcing. There are several other creative steps that the talent acquisition team can adopt which will help them to cut down on the wastage time during recruitment. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the solution of one of the most common human resource problem: How to hire in less time?

Play for Attrition

Anticipating your attrition is always advisable as it keeps the hiring team prepared for the expected recruiting to be done. By forecasting future leavers, it helps leaders to plan the hiring accordingly and leave enough room for the recruiting team to get the best leads in the stipulated time. Also, develop a plan for internal mobility and succession to ensure deserving people are utilized optimally and there is no undue pressure on the hiring team to recruit externally.

Leverage Your Employees

Often your best source to suggest best talent are the employees currently on your payroll. Besides, the certain benefit of saving time and money on hiring, many studies have revealed that candidates referred by an existing employee are more likely to accept a position, display higher job satisfaction and retain for a linger period. That’s why, an employee referral program is one of the most cost-effective talent acquisition tactics companies resort to.

Don’t be resistant to ask former employees for references either. Banking your own workforce helps as they can identify the qualities that the organization needs in a candidate.

Outsource and Realize Cost Savings too

Outsourcing your talent acquisition process can not only save your firm time, but money too. Since time is used more efficiently, the specialists in the business can fast-track the process. The chances of paying the cost of an ineffective search also decreases as you get your positions filled on time which eventually boosts productivity and minimizes lost sales. Besides, when you outsource you have a lower risk of an unsuitable hire—which saves extra costs in training, potential lost productivity, and the hassle of another labor-intensive candidate search!

Let others do the sourcing

You can allow third-parties to do the application sourcing for you, giving you the chance to tap into unchartered job-seeker networks. Specialists have better knowledge of the talent pool of highly qualified candidates—and how you can rope in those people. This wider net helps you to know that the applicants you’re reviewing are best of the lot. The experts also review each candidate and filter out the relevant, which means you save time by not interviewing people who look good on paper, but are unappealing in reality.

Take to social media

In the recent years, social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have become extremely favorable among hiring managers and recruitment agencies to find ideal candidates. The simple reason for this is because people engage more on social media than on any other platform which makes it easier for recruiters to know them.

Social media sites like LinkedIn are exclusively dedicated to profiling your career and skills, making it the ideal network for talent acquisition. Users become part of relevant that suit their expertise, which offers you the opportunity to advertise about your position directly to a hyper-relevant pool of professionals.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Looking out for the right recruits can be complicated and time-consuming, but with so many emerging technologies to streamline the process at your disposal, you have nothing to worry. AI for recruiting technology can automate most of your tedious processes, analyzing a huge volume of data to sort through prospects and identify most suitable ones for the job. Other software can help to detect and improve the language of your recruiting materials and customize your approach basis the kind of candidates you are finding.

By using advanced technology, you can gain several hours a day which can be employed for other priorities such as interviewing the candidates. Stay ahead of the curve by employing every cutting-edge tool at your disposal.

Train, train & retrain your recruitment managers

Training your hiring managers in the art of recruiting helps them to know what to seek in new applicants, which skills to consider, which recruits display the best potential, possible pitfalls etc. This activity will go a long way in improving and refining the hiring process and help the firm to acquire better talent. Not only that, it can also keep out the time wasters and the dead weight of hiring irrelevantly skilled people.

As the adage goes – It’s usually much easier and cheaper to pre-empt a problem from occurring than to look for the solution once the problem happens. And from the business’s perspective, problem is hiring and training employees with irrelevant skills.

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