Article: HR leaders talent agenda for 2016


HR leaders talent agenda for 2016

People Matters asks business and HR leaders to share their talent agenda for the next year, the talent ‘big rocks’ that they will look at accomplishing and their biggest priority in planned talent initiatives
HR leaders talent agenda for 2016

The future workforce will have higher digital expectations and it will be important to focus on giving prospective and existing talent a digital experience

Technological advancements, capability gaps, shifting demographics. This is where the businesses operate today. And the only thing that provides competitive advantage to any business is the‘talent’ it acquires, manages and retains. Talent seems to occupy the business agenda for all organizations in 2016. And the connotations of the term ‘talent’ have gone beyond the nomenclature. The meaning of the term‘Talent’ has metamorphosedinto something very different. And as the pace of change accelerates in organizations – acquiring, retaining, developing and engaging talent is strategically critical. It is stipulated that millennials will comprise 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025, and with millennials entering the workforce ecosystem that rapidly, the need for organizations is to enable a novel work order that facilitates new ways of attracting, managing and retaining talent. The traditional, siloed approaches to talent acquisition and reten...

Topics: #TalentAgenda2016, Talent Acquisition, Strategic HR, Leadership

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