Article: Godrej Capital’s people strategies to navigate future disruptions

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Godrej Capital’s people strategies to navigate future disruptions

From leveraging diversity and employee advocacy to balancing remote work with a strong company culture, Bhavya Misra, CHRO, Godrej Capital, reveals how the company is positioning itself for sustained growth and resilience.
Godrej Capital’s people strategies to navigate future disruptions

Bhavya Misra, CHRO, Godrej Capital, a people leader with rich experience in HR across Technology, FMCG, and Retail, believes that continuous learning and agile HR practices are vital in navigating future disruptions and aligning talent strategies with broader business goals. Discover how Godrej Capital is forging a path toward a dynamic and inclusive workplace that is ready for the future.

Beyond traditional channels, how is Godrej Capital proactively sourcing talent, especially for high-demand roles in the evolving finance sector?

At Godrej Capital, our approach to sourcing talent has our belief in diversity at the core. We work towards proactively creating a diverse slate of candidates. In terms of representation, we focus on gender, queer, pwd candidates but along with that, also different backgrounds and organisations. We are consciously building a truly inclusive workplace and we believe that is our strength. 

One of our key approaches to attracting talent is employee advocacy, which involves leveraging our employees as brand ambassadors to identify and refer top talent from their networks. This helps us tap into a diverse pool of candidates and ensures that new hires are a good cultural fit for our organisation and come in with the right expectations.

Additionally, we launch targeted social media campaigns on LinkedIn to attract top talent who may not be actively looking for new opportunities. Through authentic and engaging content about our company culture and career opportunities, we try to connect with candidates who are seeking a dynamic and rewarding career.

Overall, these strategies have been instrumental in helping us source talent beyond traditional means and drive our organization's success.

How does Godrej Capital balance the benefits of remote work flexibility with the need to foster a strong  company culture and collaboration?

We, at Godrej Capital, believe in employees bringing their ‘whole selves’ to work and our objective is to enable that. Flexible working is one part of it.

One of the key aspects of our approach is a focus on work-life integration. This means that instead of viewing work and life as separate aspects that need to be balanced, we encourage our employees to integrate work into their lives in a way that is fulfilling and sustainable. This allows our employees to have more flexible working arrangements as per what their life stage requires, ensuring they stay engaged with their colleagues, the company, and of course their families.

We’re still an organisation in the set-up phase, where we’re establishing businesses every year. Our pace of growth is amazing and with that, we must continue embedding our cultural fabric into each person who joins us. A lot of this happens when employees meet their colleagues, talk to leaders and experience the offices. 

We have collaboration and flexible work tools, but we believe in embracing the best of both worlds when it comes to office/remote work and fostering a strong company culture. We have a hybrid working model that’s currently working well for us.

What changes has Godrej Capital made to its HR strategies to increase organisational resilience in the face of potential future disruptions?

At Godrej Capital, we are aiming to build an organisation where our employees can truly ‘grow to potential’. I believe that our focus on building the right culture – of ownership and care – will prepare us well for any disruptions that we may face.

Employee development and career growth are pivotal to our HR strategy. As we grow the organisation, while we will continue to get the best talent from outside, we will also put disproportionate efforts into growing our people into larger and more impactful roles. We are committed to our employees' careers through initiatives like the Godrej Capital Learning Academy (GCLA). This provides a platform for continuous learning and skill development, enabling them to adapt to new challenges and seize new opportunities. We support their growth by actively providing them with a diverse set of roles to accelerate their careers by accessing senior-level roles.

We have a high-touch HR culture, enabled by data and analytics. I do believe we have a good balance of using technology but also retaining live problem-solving through people interactions and responsiveness.

We believe in building the right basics as we grow and being agile.  We cannot solve for the problems of tomorrow with the solutions that exist today. But we can use our fundamentals to re-think our approach when we face them.

Given trends like automation and the gig economy, how is Godrej Capital proactively aligning its talent strategies to stay competitive?

We understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve with the current trends. One of the key ways we are proactively aligning our talent strategy is through job mapping and designing hiring and talent strategies that are in alignment with these trends. However, business strategy is at the center of our approach.

Leveraging technology and automation will continue to be critical in the way we design work as we grow across businesses and locations. However, we believe in creating the right balance between tech and the human touch and that is what we will continuously improve on.

How does Godrej Capital's vision for talent management support the company's broader strategic goals?

I don’t think the two are different, they are very closely linked. Our success in being able to manage our key talent will play the most critical role in achieving our strategic vision. It is the leadership team’s priority and one that we collectively spend a lot of time on.

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