Article: Reinvention in the age of disruption: Kate Sweetman

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Reinvention in the age of disruption: Kate Sweetman

Are organizations prepared to face global shockwaves and bring a change? Listen to the Podcast by Kate Sweetman, President & Chief Client Officer for SweetmanCragun for the answers.

Kate Sweetman is the President and Chief Client Officer for SweetmanCragun, a leadership research and development firm based in Boston. Donning multiple hats, Kate is also a renowned global author, management consultant, trainer, and speaker. She teaches leadership to executives around the world and has been listed as an emerging guru on the Thinkers50 ranking. Kate is the co-author of the recently published book ‘Reinvention: Accelerating Results in the Age of Disruption’ (July 2016).

‘Reinvention’ as a concept, states that in order to succeed in this tumultuous world the ‘degree and speed of change within an individual or organization must exceed the speed of external change else troubles are bound to happen. Organizations- small or large are constantly hit by technological and economic shifts and the key to survive is to quickly adapt and radically reshape their business models to accelerate the results. The question however arise - Are organizations prepared to face such global shockwaves and bring a change? ‘How SMEs react to and cope with the ‘change’ vis a vis big organizations?’Furthermore, ‘How organizations are developing their talent to respond to the change and what are some of the key traits of the people who emerge as winners in this world of disruptions?

To answer some of these questions and many more, tune in to the Podcast where Kate shares her thoughts and experiences around ‘Reinvention’ and gives valuable insights to individuals and organizations facing disruptive and radical change to emerge as champions.

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