Article: Top 10 trending stories of 2018 by People Matters

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Top 10 trending stories of 2018 by People Matters

We deep dive into analytics and pick the most trending stories that were enjoyed by our readers in 2018.
Top 10 trending stories of 2018 by People Matters

2018 has been overwhelming for the entire business ecosystem. From putting digital in HR to action to some key mergers and acquisitions and to movements like #metoo, it has been a quite a year for the industry. As we come closer to the end of this eventful year, we reflect and take a look back at some of the stories that were appreciated and most read by you, our readers. If some of you missed reading them, this list might come in handy and for others, you might enjoy reading it another time with a new perspective. 

Here are 10 such stories which were trending in 2018:

10 movies every HR professional must watch 

Well! Movies can teach you a lot. Global conglomerates and premier B-schools around the world have been using cinema to teach management theories, leadership and group dynamics and lessons on team handling. This is because movies are not a mere indulgence anymore, they are also a powerful learning tool. The article shared 10 movies that our readers probably enjoyed watching and got inspired from.  Watch a movie from the list this holiday season, if you haven’t already. 

10 books every HR professional must read

In order to keep pace with the changes taking place in the business ecosystem, it is important for HR professionals to take every opportunity to gain knowledge and insights from every available source. Probably this is the reason why this article that suggests a few must-reads for HR professionals was loved by you all. As reading, learning, evolving must never stop, you can go through the list once again and ensure that you have read them all. 

You need to be forever curious to grow in IKEA: Anna Carin Mansson, Country HR Manager, IKEA, India

The Swedish furniture retail company, IKEA which opened its first store in India in Hyderabad last month, has employed 950 people directly and another 1,500 indirectly at its store. It plans to hire 15,000 in the coming years as it expands operations in India. Whilst for IKEA consumers, its furniture is synonymous for value for money, ever wondered what values does IKEA look for in its employees? This is what Anna-Carin Månsson, the Country HR Manager for IKEA India, demystified for us in an exclusive conversation with People Matters.

What's next for HR Business Partnering? 

The evolution of technology, the emergence of a globally mobile workforce and shifting societal, political and regulatory paradigms are impacting businesses fundamentally and thus HR partnering as its subset. HR’s success is getting defined by its ability to operate as an integral part of the business, bringing to focus the concept of being a partner. This article briefly articulates the big changes in the business world around us to better appreciate what’s next for HR Business Partnering.

Shifts in the salary of HR professionals over the years 

It’s the era of digital 4.0 and the salary of HR professionals is now catching up with the salary of Finance heads and even the CEOs, with Compensation & Benefits, HR Business Partners in Sales, Talent Acquisition with Social Branding/Analytics experience and Talent Management & Diversity Inclusion being some of the crucial areas in HR in 2018. The article took a look at how the salaries of HR professionals in the two major cities, Delhi and Mumbai changed across various domains with insights from Michael Page’s India Salary Benchmark 17-18 & 16-17. 

Impact of employee motivation on job performance 

It is no news that motivated an employee is a valuable asset which delivers huge value to the organization in maintaining and strengthening its business and revenue growth, however, we often take the impact motivation can have on job performance for granted. The article deep dives into the impact of motivation and discusses the role of the manager in driving the motivation. It reads, “Motivation of employees is one function which every manager has to perform along with other managerial functions. A manager has to function as a friend and motivator of his subordinates.”

The best of TED talks for women at work

Be it guidance for your next business move, job change, work-life balance, the article gives a curated list of TED talks that offer a fresh perspective and give practical insights that will trigger clarity in your day. Who doesn’t love to learn from the stories of the best lady pioneers who broke the glass ceiling and excelled in their careers? Check out the list and begin the next year on an inspiring note. 

Future of work is the biggest HR challenge: Deloitte's Erica Volini 

In a candid conversation with People Matters, Erica Volini, US Human Capital Leader, Deloitte LLP, talked about the rise of a network of teams, the importance of sustainability in HR, the future of work, and the biggest challenges facing HR in the future.

Employee happiness is no more about cutting cakes on birthdays: Ruhie Pande, CHRO Godrej Properties

In an exclusive interaction with People Matters, Ms. Ruhie Pande, Chief Human Resource Officer, Godrej Properties Ltd. threw light on the importance of creating happiness at work and how it becomes imperative to explore what employees think would make them happy at work to foster an organization’s long-term sustainability goals. 

How important is design thinking in HR?

A creative approach to solving a problem that puts the customer's experience in the center is called design thinking. As the HR function is rapidly evolving and adapting to new ways of engaging the workforce, design thinking can be very helpful in figuring out improvement areas in recruiting and hiring strategies. HR professionals are always looking for ways in which they can apply design thinking in their practices. The article discusses how can design thinking help HR to re-orient designs and get better performance results. 

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