Article: A match-making platform for talent


A match-making platform for talent

Wheebox Talent Acquisition Platform marries talent demand with talent supply
A match-making platform for talent

Wheebox Talent Acquisition Platform is a match making platform of talent demand and talent supply. College graduates in final year register for Wheebox Skill Test that empowers Skill Data viz. Demography, Geography and Skill Benchmark and Mid/Large Enterprise customers use the pool for identifying talent and reaching them in order to increase hiring efficiency and reduce cost of talent acquisition.

Key differentiator: For our Talent Acquisition Suite, the two things set us apart from our competitors is large traction of skills supply on the platform and our partner ecosystem that supports that traction viz. Confederation of Indian Industry, Association of Indian Industry, National Skill Development Corporation. Today over 400,000 skills from India are available on the platform who are assessed and are available on demand.

Source of Inspiration: Most government agencies, skilling agencies and mid- and large-size customers identified the need of talent analytics and that inspired us to create the solution. As we were conducting pre-hiring assessments for many mid- and large-sized customers in India, HR and talent acquisition heads wanted us to source high quality talent who can be identified on demand, government of the other hand wanted all assessed pool of data from different sources to automatically fed in to the platform in real-time so that central and state authorities can share the data to government agencies, mid- and large employers, SMEs to identify and connect talent at real-time.

Spotlight Awards to you means: Endorsing the fact that companies have started identifying the need of talent, analytics and technology. Also, it will validate that HR technology is the future of talent acquisition and management.

Biggest challenges & key learnings: Attracting executive team who can align to the purpose and scale without losing focus on EBIDTA. Our key learnings are people love small guys challenging status quo or Big Guys. Most of our customers love our solution and approach of positioning. Secondly, never hesitate to ask for help.

Future of technology in HR: The HR Technology space has been exploding phenomenally in the last decade right from HRMS, payrolls, recruitment tools to appraisals systems introduced by mid-, large- and new-age entrepreneurs. HR Tech will see a new boom in knowledge economy when data, analytics, talent will be the new buzz words.

Message for the HR community: Turn data into information and information into action.

Wheebox is a participant in the Spotlight Awards 2014, which will be held on 22nd August, 2014.

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