Article: Change-inc, a human capital change transformation product


Change-inc, a human capital change transformation product

Enabling a change transformation in talent and performance management through collaborative and affirmative actions
Change-inc, a human capital change transformation product

Change-inc is a human capital change transformation product for talent and performance management. Its ability to create ownership to action and building an eco-system that enables individuals to change, creating organizational change, is its defining attribute. It also qualitatively and quantitatively charts an organizations human capital ability to demonstrate actions as opposed to intent, a key differentiator to improvement, innovation and development.

Key Differentiator: The ability of employees to create a framework of commitments where they own their action is going to be critical as opposed to being told what to do. Additionally, the ability to create and leverage an eco-system for the self by reaching out to others is also going to be a critical element in succeeding. Change-inc for the individual is an owned, collaborative and affirmative action which is unavailable today at an enterprise level. We provide a system for individual change that result in organizational change.

Source of Inspiration: The genesis of our product lay in our understanding of how people wanted to change. Despite many a repeated interventions and initiatives, organizations come back with the same old issues. This is because of the prescriptive nature of the process, where intent was discussed and articulated at high levels and foisted on people. It became apparent that people are more willing to commit and stay the course if the action stems from their realization.

Spotlight Awards to us means: a validation of our product ideology. We are looking at a future where other thought leaders share our view of why people change to perform better and how we can create more meaningful relationships and organizational eco-systems for this performance. Additionally, it would present us with the opportunity to be more visible to the HR community.

Biggest Challenges & Key Learnings: The biggest challenge that we faced in building the product was one of transcending the gap between idea and product. The idea was simple and elegant but going through the nitty-gritty of technology was a different ball game altogether. The other challenge was optimization; decision making on what constitutes a minimum viable product. The key learning was that a product will evolve and it is not viable to try doing everything that can be thought off. Also the journey built a respect for system thinking.

Future of technology in HR: Technology is going to shape the future of HR in different ways; creating collaborative frameworks that have not yet been though to reducing knowledge gaps that improve the challenges of talent management. From Engagement to Learning, the number of things that technology can achieve, especially for geographically spread audiences will be remarkable.

Message for the HR community: We need to listen to our customers more than ever. The times are changing and we will need to re-invent ourselves constantly to be relevant to our core constituents. This is even more important as customers of the future are going to be younger and more unburdened that ever.

Change-inc is a participant in the Spotlight Awards 2014, which will be held on 22nd August, 2014.

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