Article: Mindset shift and secure learning key to GenAI adoption


Mindset shift and secure learning key to GenAI adoption

GenAI offers significant opportunities, not only in boosting productivity but also in reducing learning curves.
Mindset shift and secure learning key to GenAI adoption

Generative AI (GenAI) offers a multitude of benefits, boosting productivity and accelerating skill acquisition. However, successful adoption hinges on developing the right skills and embracing a new way of thinking, according to Janardhan Santhanam, Vice President and Chief Learning Officer at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

"GenAI, alongside technologies like IoT, Cloud, and Blockchain, has the potential to transform business processes," Santhanam said in a recent interview with People Matters. "But to unlock its true potential, we need the right capabilities and, more importantly, a mindset shift to start utilising AI for assistance, augmentation, and complete business process transformation."

Santhanam emphasises that GenAI not only increases productivity but also reduces the learning curve for new skills. TCS exemplifies this by providing its associates with a secure learning environment – the TCS AI Experience Zone. This in-house platform, equipped with necessary safeguards, allows employees to explore and learn about GenAI in a safe space.

TCS leverages GenAI to build applications that revolutionise various HR functions. Interview simulators and coding tutors are prime examples: these tools help employees acquire new skills quickly and efficiently, contributing to TCS's broader goal of internal capability building.

However, Santhanam acknowledges challenges in GenAI adoption. Privacy, security, and intellectual property concerns demand clear guidelines, particularly within large organisations like TCS. Existing safeguards for GenAI solutions might not suffice, necessitating additional measures to meet these high standards.

The dynamism of the GenAI industry further complicates matters, making it challenging to assess cost implications and project long-term ROI. Santhanam emphasises the importance of "careful planning and strategic resource allocation" to ensure successful enterprise-wide implementation.

Adopting GenAI requires the right technological capabilities and a significant shift in mindset.  

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