Article: New products and services to look out for at TechHR2018


New products and services to look out for at TechHR2018

As People Matters TechHR 2018 focuses on anticipating and owning the future trends, the three-day long conference will witness the launch of many innovative HR and talent solutions. Here are some of the latest products, solutions and services that will be exhibited at the conference.
New products and services to look out for at TechHR2018

It’s Digital 4.0 and the world of business is changing rapidly with innovation existing everywhere, including the world of HR. A new HR product or solution is launched in the market in every few days. To ensure that you are providing the latest relevant tools, solutions and services for the changing workforce needs, staying on top of the latest technology trends in the HR ecosystem is absolutely imperative. 

As People Matters TechHR 2018 focuses on anticipating and owning the future trends, the three-day long conference will witness the launch of many innovative HR and talent solutions. Professionals and business leaders attending the conference will get an opportunity to get familiar with new solutions and products. From Dariwnbox’s latest voicebot to Paytm’s Salary account solution, the lobby area of The Leela Ambience, Gurgaon will be loaded with various HR and talent-related products and solutions. 

Here are some of the latest products, solutions and services that will be exhibited at the conference: 

DeveLoop by Sproutlogix

DeveLoop is designed for the HR Community to improve efficiency in aligning organizations' people development goals with their business objectives. Its key features include- ‘prescribed learning journeys on skill building for employees' development’, ‘competency mapping’ and ‘360 degrees continuous feedback throughout the development journey.’ DeveLoop will also take care of skills development through machine learning-driven growth recommendations by mentor bot. It also includes an ‘AI coach bot’ for coaching employees along with a feature of sharing constructive feedback. 

Through this product, Sproutlogix aims to enable employees to plan their individual development plans. One of the other interesting features of the product includes a bot facilitated group/dm chat among employees to help them engage and keep track of each other's growth. 

As Chandra Manikanta, Founder & COO, Sproutlogix gears up for launching its core product at the conference he shares his excitement for the event, “ Launching our product at such an amazing event, between so many wonderful and talented folks, will not only allow us to build awareness about the product offerings and the brand but will also give us the opportunity to make a difference to the HR community in improving their organization's productivity and hence increasing their ROI.”

Tydy’s Enablement Platform

Kiran Menon, CEO & Co-Founder, Tydy believes, “TechHR is the premier HR event in the country!” And learning from his three years of experience as an exhibitor he realizes that TechHR is the perfect place to find the right target audience. 

The enablement platform Tydy would be exhibiting at the conference includes a recommendation engine that will automatically recommend the appropriate people an employee should connect with and the relevant content the employee should consume. It also includes an automated chat bot that can respond to queries or suggest next steps.

Empowered - Gamified Digital Learning Platform by Enthralltech

Sammir Inamdar, Founder & CEO, Enthralltech considers “TechHR to be the ‘best followed and attended HR Tech event in India’ with the maximum brand recall.” And hence he chose the three-day conference to launch Enthralltech’s latest adaptive, personalized and gamified digital learning platform. The Empowered - Gamified Digital Learning Platform by Enthralltech comprises of an out-of-the-box integration of Degreed and Skillsoft. 

‘Lisa - Voice Assistant’ by

For maximum access to the HR Leaders, outreach and visibility, Hari Krishna, Co Founder & CEO, has chosen TechHR to exhibit its recently launched product, Lisa - Voice Assistant. 

This new product by helps recruiters to prescreen, schedule and engage candidates at scale. Lisa also generates inferences from these conversations and provides insights to the recruiters about candidates. Candidates can also speak to Lisa any time to check their application status, message recruiters and ask them questions through Lisa. 

Paytm Payments Bank’s Salary account solution

Although the product was recently launched in the market, Paytm has chosen to re-emphasize the same at Tech HR 2018. Paytm Payments Bank’s Salary account solution is a solution for employees that includes features like zero balance, no transaction charges and free platinum debit card. On the other hand, it also helps the business positively and saves onboarding time and cost by providing 100 percent digital onboarding.   

iOptiBiz ATS

iOptiBiz aims to streamline workforce management to an optimum level with its latest Application Tracking System, which it launches at TechHR 2018. With its new solution, iOptiBiz will not only manage the recruitment process workflow but also take care of other elements like analytics, employer branding, demand-supply smart matching, NLP based parsing and social media integrations. 

Raj Malik- CEO, iOptiBiz looks forward to the conference and says, “TechHR gives us the platform to interact and understand the current HR industry trend and make connections with HR industry leaders.” 

My Doc by Doctor Insta

Taking ahead its business of providing e-consults to over 150 companies and over 2 Mn employees, Doctor Insta will be showcasing its latest feature "My Doc"- Consult your own Doctor on Video, Phone and Chat at the TechHR conference.  This new feature enables the employees to consult Doctors in over 40 Specialties on their own through Video/Phone/Chat. 

Amit Munjal, Founder & CEO, Doctor Insta shares, “TechHR 18 with its focus on HR Decision Makers and Influencers, gives Doctor Insta the perfect platform and opportunity to launch and promote this innovative product among our core clients and users.”

People EXPress and 'Always On' EX solution by LitmusWorld

Last year’s participant of TechHR Startup Program, LitmusWorld will be launching two of its core products at the conference this year. While 'Always On' EX solution focuses on multiple surveys across the employee life-cycle for identifying and measuring key engagement drivers on a real-time basis, People EXPress is a newspaper which will take its readers through concepts around ongoing engagement to leverage employee emotions, eNPS - measuring employee loyalty, and include case studies and tips to improve employee experience. 

"The LitmusWorld journey of building the 'Always On' platform and partnering with People Matters to launch the employee engagement product has been really exciting! Look forward to TechHR2018," shares Khushaal Talreja, Head of Marketing, Litmus World.

“CEOs have started to adopt customer centricity as their key agenda and we are now enabling them to actively listen to both, internal and external customers. The annual People Matters Tech HR conference has been a good launchpad for us and the team is really looking forward to it again this year," says Ramesh Natarajan, Co-founder & COO, LitmusWorld.

InQuizitive by Skills Café 

Skills Café, which provides experiential learning using games, simulations, and micro-workshops will be launching its latest online quizzing platform, InQuizitive at the conference. Skills Café believes that the product has the potential to change the way organizational learning is driven. Instead of pushing knowledge onto the participants, it would pull them towards the knowledge.  

InQuizitive is basically an online quizzing platform that can be used by organizations to drive internal learning among employees. It deviates from traditional organizational learning and makes learning fun and exciting, promoting cooperation and teamwork among the participants. 

Check out these products at their respective stalls in TechHR 2018 and learn more about them. Click here to register. 

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