Article: Technology alone isn't enough


Technology alone isn't enough

Technology is crucial, but technology alone cannot work as even the most sophisticated tech, most likely, will make egregious mistakes that almost no human being ever would.
Technology alone isn't enough
Technology alone will never be enough and it will never come close to working on its own. Even the most sophisticated AI (Artificial Intelligence) based systems will make egregious mistakes that almost no human being ever would. AI is as prone to biases as humans and in the current state that technology is in, researchers have identified serious concerns about hidden biases (e.g., against women and minority groups) creeping into machine-learning based decision systems in ways that are difficult to uncover. When it comes to decisions that impact humans in crucial ways, including recruitment and career progression, we are still far away from fully automated systems that can really be trusted. On the other hand, there is no doubt that technology has made huge advances, and any HR department or organization that ignores such advances is left behind. So what should HR professionals do? Instead of viewing technology and automation as competition, they must embrace technology and combine it...
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