Article: How to build high-performance teams through the power of awareness: Marco Favaloro of Insights

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How to build high-performance teams through the power of awareness: Marco Favaloro of Insights

In this exclusive interview with Marco Favaloro of Insights, we discover how Insights’ unique approach fosters self-awareness, human connection, and transformative leadership in today's rapidly evolving world.
How to build high-performance teams through the power of awareness: Marco Favaloro of Insights

With over 25 years of experience spanning diverse industries, Marco Favaloro, Head of Insights for APAC, India, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, is a results-driven Performance Improvement Professional. His fervour lies in cultivating individuals, teams, and leaders to achieve exceptional personal and professional outcomes. Marco's mission is clear: propel businesses to superior financial success by positively engaging and inspiring teams across sales and business development.

In our conversation with Marco, we explore the heart of Insights' vision. This people development company envisions a world where understanding oneself and others catalyses positive change in every endeavour. As today's world evolves at an unprecedented pace, Marco's insights provide a vital compass for leaders and organisations, guiding them towards prosperity in an ever-changing landscape. His strategies aren't just a roadmap; they're a testament to the untapped potential within us all. Here are some key takeaways from the conversation.

Insights' mission is to create a world where people truly understand themselves and others. What are some tangible benefits, both for individuals and organisations, that result from this deeper understanding?

Insights empowers individuals, teams, and organisations to profoundly comprehend the intricate interplay of our preferences, ultimately cultivating heightened self-awareness. We diligently foster this self-awareness by honing our sensitivities across a diverse spectrum of applications. At the heart of this transformative journey lies the powerful Insights Discovery Profile; a catalyst for groundbreaking self-awareness revelations. The breakthroughs enable individuals to forge more potent, ethically reciprocal communication; unveiling our hidden vulnerabilities by exposing how others perceive us when we're unaware; and uncovering strategies to mitigate stress and conflict between individuals of opposing types.

In today's fast-paced corporate environment, understanding individual working and learning styles is crucial. How does the Psychology of Preference help leaders and L&D professionals in identifying and harnessing these preferences for optimal team performance?

Insights is your strategic partner in unlocking the keys to enhanced performance for individuals and their leaders. We empower you to decode the drivers and barriers, guiding you toward optimal connections and approaches in any scenario. By delving deep into the profound effects of various situations on both oneself and others, we equip individuals with the arsenal to become remarkably effective.

We go beyond mere observation; we illuminate how individuals respond to their surroundings, revealing the art of motivating both individuals and teams and offering insights into effective management approaches. Our approach does not confine people to restrictive stereotypes or rigid categories. Instead, we enable leaders to grasp the intricate tapestry of individual preferences, fostering adaptability and fostering genuine connections that lead to extraordinary results.

Many global organisations are grappling with issues of employee disengagement and burnout. How does Insights address these concerns, and what role does fostering human connection play in mitigating these challenges?

Insights Discovery is your ally in equipping your team to navigate the ever-changing landscape, especially in the face of change, stress, and pressure. Our distinctive Insights Personal Profile unveils both the strengths that empower individuals and the potential weaknesses that may hinder peak performance.

By elevating awareness of individual responses and reactions, we take the crucial first step in fostering a culture of profound self-awareness and psychological safety within your team or organisation. Such a team not only comprehends how different situations influence individual behaviours but also possesses the tools to apply actionable Insights strategies. These strategies empower individuals to bolster their resilience and agility, not only raising self-awareness but also propelling collective success.

There is an increased emphasis on the need for a more human-centric approach in our increasingly digital world. How can organisations strike a balance between technological advancements and preserving the value of human connections?

Insights champions a journey of rediscovering the essence of humanity, even as we embrace the ever-evolving landscape of technology, AI, and planned obsolescence. We recognise that our coexistence with these advancements is a daily reality. Cultivating a mindset that guides our interactions with these advancements becomes paramount in shaping our place in this changing world.

In this era of rapid technological advancement, preferences and self-awareness remain enduring facets of our existence. They are the compass that helps us navigate our path as we evolve our human interactions to transcend the digital realm. Amidst the digital landscape, one irreplaceable truth remains: nothing can substitute the profound emotional connections forged through human-to-human interaction. These connections are the very heart and soul of our humanity.

How can leaders foster self-awareness and understanding within their teams to drive positive change? Are there any specific leadership practices or principles you recommend?

Insights advocates that every team possesses the inherent capacity to stretch its boundaries and enact minor yet powerful changes in its operational and leadership approaches, thereby unlocking unparalleled effectiveness. Our application model for success is simply: Understanding + Application = Breakthrough.

We firmly embrace the principle of nurturing incremental progress over time—a tried-and-true practice that consistently yields remarkable results. Our journey commences with self-awareness, serving as the cornerstone and pulsating heart of the Insights solution. Furthermore, we ardently champion the doctrine of Transformational Leadership. In this transformative approach, we nurture a leader's sensitivities, emphasising that a one-size-fits-all approach to leadership and management falls short of maximising effectiveness. Our Transformational Leadership models intricately introduce the emotional and rational domains, cultivating self-aware leaders primed for enhanced performance.

What is one key takeaway or piece of advice you would share for leaders and organisations looking to embark on a journey of greater self-awareness and people-centric development?

We take pride in our unique approach, one that refrains from hastily leaping into 'solution mode.' Instead, we commit to an intricate process of delving into the nuances that define your people, your company, and your distinct culture, in seeking to understand the best approach. Our journey towards creating a more aware and impactful world within your organisation revolves around a company-centric approach—a voyage that always commences with self-awareness.

Our steadfast recommendation is to initiate this transformative journey from the top, enlisting your senior team as Advocates. By commencing this journey, we establish a foundation upon which to build profound change. We strategically embed actionable strategies that serve as compelling showcases of the immense power residing in the development of self-awareness. These strategies ripple through the organisation, illuminating the path towards heightened self-awareness among individuals, teams, and leaders, ultimately yielding dramatic and positive effects.

If you are looking to gain more insights from Marco Favaloro on ‘The Psychology Of Preference: Leading Teams With Awareness’, join him at People Matters L&D Conference, where he will be having an insightful discussion with Anuradha Mishra, Senior Vice President, Talent, Learning and Inclusion of Marsh McLennan on driving effective results and improving collaboration with more awareness in a fireside chat. 


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