Article: L&D Study Tour: Experiential learning at Genpact

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L&D Study Tour: Experiential learning at Genpact

Taking the concept of experiential learning to a whole new level, People Matters organized an exciting Study Tour with Genpact. The tour showcased some of the best L&D practices by Genpact within its own campus. Read on to know more..
L&D Study Tour: Experiential learning at Genpact

Learning is a process which is developed best through hands-on experience. With the aim to provide a similar experience to delegates arriving for People Matters L&D League conference 2016, a pre-conference study tour was pioneered by People Matters in collaboration with Genpact. 

The format of the tour included real-time case study sessions, along with interactions with various Genpact leaders across different domains such as hiring, HR, training and operations. It was followed by an experience sharing session by business global operation leaders on the impact to the business. 

The objective of the tour was to showcase how L&D programs are conceived and executed in Genpact. The session covered 4 aspects of the program, namely, planning, execution, talent selection & business impact.

Amit Aggarwal, SVP-HR and Chief Learning Officer, Genpact, spoke about how learning has always been core to Genpact’s employee value proposition. He added that most of the industries are experiencing disruption in the present age; also addressing talent capability on-the-go is the need of the hour. 

Gateway & Build program 

Genpact showcased its Gateway & Build program, a program that aims at attracting and retaining talent in a dynamic and constantly evolving business environment. The program caters to the organizational needs through talent development, workforce management and career pathing - all with a solid business impact to the tune of $10M savings and 55% talent fill rate across 30+ skillsets. The program aids in building domain expertise of in-house and external talent for tough-to-hire roles.

The program has been carefully designed in alignment with the organization’s business goals and has shown quantifiable impact over the years. The program has recently won the ‘Brandon Hall Gold Award’ in the category of ‘Best results of a Learning Program’

 Case study session

Based on the Gateway & Build Program, case study sessions were conducted during the study tour. The members were divided into groups including moderators and Genpact panelists, further comprising senior stakeholders from across domains such as HR, Hiring, RMX, Training, and Finance. 

Each group was provided with a case study specific to its industry. They were presented with talent requirements and implications of different resourcing decisions. The objective of the session was that each group should be able to collectively come up with a resourcing strategy involving routing talent through the Gateway and Build program.  The Genpact leaders who were part of these groups provided on-ground insights in terms of planning and execution challenges and business impact.

Meenal Bansal, VP- Operations and Neelu Chawla, VP-Corporate Learning Initiatives, were the moderators in each case study group, and they ensured that the groups were on the right track in finding solutions to case problems. The case study session was followed by a video presentation on the executional challenges faced by different stakeholders. Sonia Dua, VP- Operations Training handled the Q&A on how Gateway & Build functions across businesses at Genpact and the employee lifecycle that it impacts.

This was followed by insights from two Global Operations Leaders, Satish Goyal and Meenal Bansal, who shared real-time challenges and solid business impact delivered by the program. It was great to see business leaders endorse L&D efforts with such zeal.

 Employee experience sharing 

Sudarshan, an employee who has graduated from the Gateway and Build program a few months ago, spoke of this opportunity as a chance to ‘Learn, Unlearn and Relearn’ effectively.  He spoke of the program delivery format, which included latest industry reports, white papers and live tasks besides his alignment to the buddy program. 

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