Article: Learn the tips & tricks to have more effective virtual meetings

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Learn the tips & tricks to have more effective virtual meetings

Are you struggling to have more effective meetings with your remote teams? The working-from-home facilitation certification program by People Matters BeNext will help you with Virtual Facilitation Methodologies, Icebreakers, and Technology Tools.
Learn the tips & tricks to have more effective virtual meetings

The meeting rooms. The whiteboard and the markers. The projector. We are all missing having discussions with our colleagues in the same physical setting and other aspects of the meeting from the pre COVID-19 phase. But as the time called for it, we have now transitioned into virtual meetings and found new ways to collaborate and co-create. 

Undoubtedly we are grateful for the technology and the tools which have helped us stay connected even in times of crisis. But well to be honest as one of the headlines of a blog in Quartz reads, “The relentlessness of remote meetings in the COVID-19 era must stop.  A report from Wundamail research reveals video conferencing is so "excessive," that those meetings cost more than $1,250 per employee, per month in wasted time. 

High time. We have less number of meetings and make most of them. If we need a meeting, we must make it worthwhile for everyone who is part of it. And if you are the meeting owner, that's your role and responsibility. Make it count.

But what is an effective meeting? How do meetings need to change to adapt to a remote and virtual context? The second program of People Matters BeNext Working-from-home facilitation will help you explore both the questions. 

Meaningful meetings: Do they even exist? 

The answer is a definite: YES! 

Asynchronous (non real-time) work is vital to allow people time and space to concentrate on producing high quality work. As Atlassian defines an effective meeting as one that brings a, “Thoughtfully selected group of people together for a specific purpose, provides a forum for open discussion, and delivers a tangible result: a decision, a plan, a list of great ideas to pursue, a shared understanding of the work ahead. Not only that, but the result is then shared with others whose work may be affected.” 

While this may seem too ambitious, trust, it is achievable. Learn from the experts themselves: Mirjami Sipponen Damonte, Founder & Managing Director, Xpedio and Sacha Connor, Founder and CEO, Virtual Work Insider. Sacha has, in fact, helped companies like Toyota, Beam Suntory, Vanguard, The Clorox Company, FIFCO USA, Sovos Brands, Jamieson Wellness, Gilead, M Booth, Colgate-Palmolive, CUNA Mutual, among others, to lead virtual, geographically distributed, and remote teams. In the program, Sacha along with Mirjami will share some of the best practices.

Mirjami, due to her background as a communication skills trainer, as well as Victim Offender Mediator, she has a particular focus on group dynamics, intra-group communication, dealing with conflict and building psychological safety within a group. You will learn how to have effective virtual meetings and use the power of communication. 

You will get a deeper understanding of tools, a new “language” to use them and combine them.

In this program, you will: 

  • Delve deep into the Challenges & Opportunities of Virtual Meetings
  • Learn what are the types of meetings & best format for a virtual context
  • Learn Virtual Facilitation Methodologies, Icebreakers & Technology Tools
  • Gain insights on how to set up and facilitate Virtual Meetings (planning & execution)
  • Get examples of Virtual Meeting Strings & Storyboards

Through live masterclasses, access to online practical content, frameworks, videos and tools, upskill yourself to better manage the challenges of managing a remote workforce, including having less and effective meetings. Click here to learn more. 

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