Article: Make learning new skills enjoyable with Gamelearn

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Make learning new skills enjoyable with Gamelearn

Gamelearn’s approach of creating game-based learning programs makes picking up new skills a riveting process. We look at how they are providing companies with the ability to build their learning programs to make learning impactful and fun.
Make learning new skills enjoyable with Gamelearn

The current business environment is one of rapid change. From a changing technological landscape to evolving employee preferences that influence the nature of work, companies are in the middle of a tumultuous period. In such times, most look forward to stabilising their ships. One way of doing this is by ramping up investments in proven and effective learning platforms. In a recent PwC’s Annual Global CEO Survey over 93 percent of CEOs who had introduced digital upskilling programs said these programs increased productivity.

While businesses scale to figure newer avenues of growth, their success depends on how effectively their employees learn and build new skills. For learning professionals, this means building platforms that train a diverse cohort of individuals, each with their unique ways of learning, while also keeping them engaged. As a result, companies require learning platforms that provide the right mix of engaging and fun learning methodologies and robust content.

Gamelearn does exactly that. 

With over 3,000 clients across 60 countries, Gamelearn has over 15 years of experience in helping companies build the right game-based learning platform. Their game-based learning platform for corporate training and skill development is as engaging as it is impactful in moving the marker on skills development. Gamelearn provides HR leaders with a variety of tools, all from interactive video games to real-life simulations in the virtual space, to translate learning into behavioural changes. It is made possible with their all-in-one platform that consists of three different modules:

  • The Campus: An award-winning winning catalog of ready-made training games. 
  • The Admin: An intuitive tool used to monitor and measure performance. A comprehensive dashboard that provides data insights on engagement and performance enables quick decision-making.
  • The Editor: Gamelearn's e-Learning authoring tool allows HR professionals to create a game where they can choose from pre-made templates or build from scratch. It removes the need to know how to code as the tool helps HR leaders design tailor-made game-based learning experiences in a matter of hours.

With their platform, building game-based learning programs becomes easier and more intuitive for HR leaders to build. Tapping into established best practices and innovating to create client-specific solutions, Gamelearn creates impactful ways for organizations to learn and face the challenges of tomorrow. 

The Gamelearn Advantage  

Game-based learning is an approach to education that’s intended to make learning fun, engaging, and rewarding. When it comes to learning solutions, companies today are inundated with options. The need for impactful learning programs is higher than ever before. With gamification of learning content, a completely new way of learning and skilling employees opens up for companies to leverage. 

But that is not all. With Gamelearn, companies do much more than help their employees build new skills.

  • Attract: Gamelearn’s approach to building game-based learning companies ensure employees are attracted and invested in their learning programs. This is made possible by the use of storytelling principles, intuitive rewards, and highly customizable, top-quality learning content that goes into building Gamelearns courses. Over 97 percent of employees learning through the Gamelearn platform have reported finding their courses applicable to their respective jobs. This assists HR leaders in creating an overall organizational culture that brings learning to the forefront of employee policies.
  • Engage: The correct use of gamification and storytelling principles by Gamelearn, helps businesses translate difficult subjects and hard to pick soft skills into a simplified learning journey that is both engaging and fun for their employees. An interactive environment where employees can learn practical skills and concepts to solve real-world problems helps game-based learning make learning an easy process. It also bypasses another problem with most traditional training modules; the often cumbersome and disengaging learning programs that employees have to sit through. 
  • Teach: Using real-life cases, simulations and personalized feedback to improve the efficacy of learning programs A well-designed and executed "game" goes a long way in helping employees build the right skills. Gamelearn assists companies to create interactive games to help employees learn and grow. A gamified learning environment creates a feedback loop that helps employees not only learn but also improve while undergoing learning programs. According to Gamelearn, over 99 percent of professionals improved their skillsets after completing their courses. 

Easy-to-build learning programs

While game-based learning provides companies with a host of advantages, it also comes with challenges. For those without coding experience, gamification of learning content can be a problem. Other factors like cost and time to develop can impede utilizing gamified learning to improve performance. With Gamelearn, you avoid all such hassle and get directly to implementing learning programs. They help you

  • Design your training courses easily: Skip the need of learning how to code to build the right learning program. Gamelearn helps companies create games in little time without having to write a single line of code.
  • Increase your return on investment: By using a pay-per-use model, companies can better monitor their return on investment and the efficacy of the learning platform.
  • Differentiate your product offering: Utilize varied digital tools to deliver online courses in real-time and use 3D technology to simulate real-life situations all in a matter of hours. 

2020 saw the company launch Editor, their e-learning authoring tool that allows companies to create their training video games in a matter of hours. You can know more here. (  

To help more companies face future uncertainty with a cohort of trained employees, Gamelearn is holding its annual event targeted specifically towards the Asian markets. Offering unique learning solutions and key insights on what is next for HR Consulting and Instructional Design, the company aims to use the event to help CHROs and learning heads share knowledge and network. An event open for all Instructional Designers, L&D Professionals, and HR Consultants, the event will focus on new-age technologies and designs that go into building an impactful, game-based learning program. For more details on the event visit here 

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