Article: People Matters TechHR Chatathon: Unleash your potential

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People Matters TechHR Chatathon: Unleash your potential

The second day of People Matters TechHR was all about ideation, discussions, experience, and innovation. One of the great discussions we saw on Day-2 was the chatahon hosted in the networking zone in partnership with Skillsoft. Here are some of the best ideas and suggestions curated from the chatathon.
People Matters TechHR Chatathon: Unleash your potential

Exponential growth in the coronavirus has led to exponential change across multiple dimensions of how we work. To accelerate the growth and lead the new normal, one of the priorities of the organization should be an undivided focus on the talent.

In fact, according to various research, developing the skills can save up to 1/6th of the cost spent on hiring an external talent in 9-12 months for the same skills. Investment in employee development helps in increasing engagement and productivity which is a win-win situation.

On second day of People Matters TechHR, HR leaders and professionals across the industries and geographies ideated on "Unleash your potential", a chatahon led by People Matters in partnership with Skillsoft, at the networking zone.

Here is a quick look at the chatahon on "Unleash the potential" from second day of People Matters:

Rewrite the playbook for HR and Work Tech with People Matters TechHR. If you missed participating in the chatathon, don't worry. We will be hosting chatahons today, 12th August, 2020 in networking longue today at 9:10 AM and 11 AM. Stay tuned for more updates in networking longue of People Matters TechHR. 

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