Article: Revolutionising coaching with Generative AI: Insights from Ashish Kumar Jha, CEO of

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Revolutionising coaching with Generative AI: Insights from Ashish Kumar Jha, CEO of

Generative AI is poised to redefine development & coaching as we know it. The CEO of, Ashish Kumar Jha takes us on a journey of understanding the technology’s potential, experimenting boldly, and collaborating wisely, to unlock new horizons of human development.
Revolutionising coaching with Generative AI: Insights from Ashish Kumar Jha, CEO of

In the next five years, our work landscape will undergo a profound transformation. With each technological leap, we've witnessed radical shifts in how we work, communicate, and collaborate. From the advent of email to the ubiquity of smartphones, these innovations reshaped our work paradigms. Now, Generative AI is poised to bring about the next seismic change.

Where Should Humans Invest Their Time?

At the heart of this transformation lies a fundamental question: Where should humans allocate their precious time? Work tasks can broadly be categorised into three types.

Firstly, repetitive tasks, many of which can be automated, sometimes entirely. Generative AI is making significant strides in this domain, streamlining processes and reducing manual labour. Secondly, intelligent tasks, which demand human intelligence, but Generative AI can serve as a valuable assistant or co-pilot, simplifying complex tasks and saving valuable effort. Finally, relationship-based tasks, where human emotion and connection are paramount. Generative AI has limitations in this arena. When high-value decisions are at stake, we still prefer human collaboration, leveraging the unique power of human relationships and intelligence.

The ROI of Generative AI

The impact of Generative AI is profound, primarily in two dimensions: productivity and human experience. At a productivity level, an organisation will be able to gain profitability by automating repetitive tasks and acting as a co-pilot. Generative AI enhances both employee and managerial productivity. This enables organisations to allocate their time and resources toward creating exceptional, personalised experiences for customers and employees.

In HR, the same three-tier task analysis applies. Automation is already reshaping repetitive tasks across the employee lifecycle. HR leadership can now focus on strengthening connections, crafting employer brands, and aligning strategies with employee experiences.

Reduced human dependency on scalable tasks results in a "do more with less" model. It extends from compliance to data analysis and pattern recognition. The true ROI, however, lies in fostering exceptional experiences, attracting customers, and accessing top talent.

Transforming Coaching with Generative AI

Generative AI has a profound impact on coaching, enhancing its scalability and effectiveness. Tasks that once consumed hours, like scheduling and analysis, can now be automated, allowing coaches to focus on high-impact interventions.

Consider a sales representative using an app to refine their presentation skills. Instant feedback and real-time improvement opportunities empower employees to continuously enhance their performance. Technology enables this instant coaching on our mobile. 

Generative AI not only augments individuals but also coaches. They can monitor submissions, interact meaningfully with coaches, and assign tasks, all while focusing on nurturing development. 

Technology actually creates more and more coaching opportunities and not less. While everyone fears that AI will take away jobs, what we have experienced is quite the opposite.  At, we've scaled coaching from 20 coaches to 600, with plans to onboard 5,000 more. Coaching, once limited in scope, today can be provided at a scale that means access and widespread impact of coaching interventions. 

The Imperative of Experimentation

Embracing Generative AI requires an experimental mindset. Investing in learning and experimentation is essential. Companies must be prepared to fail, learn, adapt, and evolve. Staying informed and exploring possibilities through courses and product demos is crucial. Further, collaboration with competent partners can help bridge knowledge gaps and facilitate innovation.

Generative AI is poised to redefine development & coaching as we know it. By understanding its potential, experimenting boldly, and collaborating wisely, we can harness this technology to unlock new horizons of productivity and human development. 

While you’ve heard Ashish’s views on Generative AI’s ability to enable coaches, if you are eager to understand and assess the future of learning leadership and how CHROs can transform into learning leaders, join him at People Matters L&D Conference ’23. With Archana Chadha, HSBC India; Aditya Sareen, Tata Power and MVN Rao, Larsen & Toubro Limited, Ashish will discuss the five patterns that form the basis of CHRO-led L&D. Save the date on October 13 for India’s most progressive learning and development conference at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai. 


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