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Rooted In Learning

In a rapidly transforming business world, learning and knowledge enhancement has emerged as a determiner for organizational success
Rooted In Learning

CLOs who can successfully align learning with the strategic objectives of the company, are the ones who get the seat at the table and have a say when it comes to budgeting priorities


When learning is integrated in employees’ daily routine, it is likely to increase employee efficiency and boost business results

One of the most critical aspects to navigate business change is to transform the organizational attitude towards learning. The need to continuously develop and evolve with learning has emerged as an instrumental factor for organizational success. The opportunities today for the learning professionals are immense. The L&D space is seeing significant enhancement in terms of maturity, rapid and constant upgradation of learning systems. Today, traditional training and formal classroom formats are giving way to mobile and e-learning solutions combined with gamification. All of this is characterized by faster access to content, diminished lines between personal and professional time, and greater reliance on tools and technology. Gen Y joining the workforce is also contributing to these fast-changing trends. This is where the role of the Chief Learning Officer becomes critical to architect an organization’s learning and development culture. With a number of different learning tools...
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