Article: The Counsellor: My job and my role are different. How to tackle this?

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The Counsellor: My job and my role are different. How to tackle this?

My designation and role don't match. Sould I do something about it?
The Counsellor: My job and my role are different. How to tackle this?

Have a heart to heart chat with your boss and express your concern


Vivek Paranjpe, Consultant & Strategic HR Advisor to Reliance Industries answers professional and ethical dilemmas faced by our readers at their workplace.

Question: I am working as a Product Manager for a HR products development company. I joined in October 2010, after completing my masters in HRD & Consulting from one of the top 10 b-schools in the UK. I have worked for 1.5 years as Business HR partner in a software firm followed by 6 months in my current role.
I am not happy here as there is a big difference in the role I was promised and the one that hold now. I report directly to the CEO, and am the lone member in the product management group. My knowledge is becoming redundant as I do not have avenues to discuss the latest in HR automation; and the company cannot afford to send us to any training programs at present. I always wanted to be a HR consultant or specialist but I lose out on potential openings in the core HR and consulting space because my current designation does not justify these roles.
Do you think I should quit my job? How do I project my candidature, so that the tag of product management does not hinder me from seeking a core HR job?

Answer: You are a very young and 6 months is too short a period for anyone to tag you as a product manager. This label should not come in the way for you to change the career track. I suggest you have a heart-to-heart chat with your boss and explain your concern. Explore the possibilities with him and if a role change, that satisfies you, is not possible in your current organization, than look outside.
Connect with appropriate head hunters. Highlight your 1.5 years of Business HR partnership role, capabilities, international exposure and academic credentials in your resume. You may also consider talking to your previous employer. There is a shortage of talented HR professionals; if you have the talent and are flexible, you should be able to get a role of your choice soon. Just be open and patient.

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