Article: The many shades of solutions


The many shades of solutions

Misplaced, half-baked and myopic solutions are a greater curse than perhaps a lack of solutions. A look at some peculiar archetypes around on the subject of solution providers!
The many shades of solutions
The great Peter Senge said something to the effect, “Today’s problems are a result of yesterday’s solutions”. I believe it must be taught, reminded and hammered ad nauseam in all leadership development journeys — from the management classes of an MBA to the rarefied galleries of CXO development. The irony is that there are more leaders who are trigger-happy in their zeal for offering solutions, however, poorly thought-through they might be. This unabashed exhilaration of being known as an idea factory makes them a believer of the brilliance of each one of these ideas. We must be fearful of them. In a way, we must question the way this folly of equating quality of talent to their ability to shoot from the hip a-solution-a-minute, and take a reflective pause to ascertain how have we come to this brink. There must have been a systemic fault-line that would have allowed things to come to the precipice of mistaking quantity of solutions for the quality of it....
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Topics: Leadership, Learning & Development, C-Suite

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