Article: Recruiting the recruiters: Developing training programs for recruiters


Recruiting the recruiters: Developing training programs for recruiters

In the talent wars, recruiters are always at the forefront. Yet, many organizations overlook the need to develop effective training programs for the recruiters to prepare them for the long haul.
Recruiting the recruiters: Developing training programs for recruiters

An organization is not just about a logo or balance sheets, it is run by people. And the best people are recruited by the best recruiters. It is the recruiters who remain at the front lines in the war for talent and enable the organization in fulfilling its business objectives. So what happens when the organization overlooks training requirements of recruiters? There have been a lot of advancements in technology that can upgrade the recruitment process in the coming years. However, in order to avail these advancements, recruiters need to be trained effectively and training programs that achieve that need to be put in place to ensure that the recruiters of the future are geared up for the challenge. Let’s take a look at a few tips that can help in devising a training program that enables this change.

Getting down to the basics

Every organization has its own unique recruitment process that recruiters need to well aware of. Any training program, therefore, must start with the basics of defining that process in detail from beginning to the end. There’s no need for the recruiters to wait till the end to realize the parameters of a good hire and the value proposition for the new employees. They need to get a firm grasp of the core business values, employer branding, and marketing strategies from the beginning.

Writing the job descriptions

While the hiring manager must provide a detailed job description to the recruiters, it makes sense to include HR in finalizing the job description documentation to ensure that points crucial to company culture and employer branding are included in it. Apart from that, all such documentation must be prepared with an eye for social media, mobile and search engine optimizations. Training programs from the recruiters must emphasize on maintaining consistency throughout the process so as to present a unified brand image to the potential employees.

Using social media and other digital channels

As the hiring process leans further towards digital channels, training programs for recruiters must account for this new criterion in the process. Recruiters must learn to use social media and other digital channels to their advantage, especially for positions that are difficult to fill. The program must cover utilizing internal and external channels, and ensure that recruiters encourage their team members to do the same.

Setting timelines and expectations

Recruiters are only human too. In order to ensure that their work is impeccable and they pick only the most suitable candidate for a position, they need to learn to set timelines and expectations with the hiring managers from the start. This typically includes resume submissions, candidate screening, first and second round interviews, extending offers and negotiating on the salary package, background and reference checks etc.

An effective training program must incorporate transferring skills required to ensure that recruiters learn to set realistic timelines and deliver on the expectations of the hiring managers with greater efficiency.

Training programs are only as effective as their outcome. Once you have established clear metrics of success of a training program, you can start tracking its effectiveness in improving your recruitment process. The duration of the training program may vary according to the needs of the organization and the industry. However, it is prudent for organizations to establish a continuous learning program for recruiters as well in order to ensure that they stay ahead in the talent wars and bring in the best results for the organization.

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