Article: Coaching your brain to exude positivism


Coaching your brain to exude positivism

On a daily basis, take a minute to say 'thank you' to recognize somebody's efforts. It could be within work or outside of it; family, friends or colleagues.
Coaching your brain to exude positivism

“I start each day by telling myself what a positive influence I am on this world.” - Peter Daisyme

Does every day feel like Monday? Sometimes it is difficult to reverse the course of a slump.  Negative emotions eat into productivity, creativity and decision-making skills.  

Warby Parker sells prescription glasses online.  It has a positive culture with fun lunches, events, and programs.  The company ensures that there are events happening all the time, so that teams can look forward to something.  There are methods to have random employees out to lunch together and more.

Here are awesome ways to change your life and be positive always.

What are the daily positives in my life?

Even if life has given us a hard deal, each one of us should be grateful for all the positives that are happening in our lives.  Write down all the good things that happened in your life each day.  The good things could be anything – bumping into an old friend, a positive remark at work or a beautiful sunset.  Celebrating small wins has a very powerful motivational effect and brings immense joy.    

The owner of an Italian restaurant mounted a bulletin board in the foyer of the restaurant to encourage customers to post simple notes of appreciation for the staff.  These were read out to the employees before the start of a shift.

How do I appreciate other people’s efforts?

On a daily basis, take a minute to say thank you to recognize somebody’s efforts.  It could be within work or outside of it; family, friends or colleagues.  A great way of going about this would be to send one email daily to someone.  It could be an old school teacher whose advice you are following daily, a colleague or to someone that you have just met.  It takes some courage to say thank you, but go ahead, do it and enjoy the effects.

How do I bring a smile to someone’s face?

Acts of kindness are proven to boost happiness levels.  Something as simple and small as making someone smile is good enough.  Pausing to do something thoughtful to somebody will help you get out of that negative loop.  

Companies like Goldman Sachs have a separate CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Team that works on causes and gives back to society through their employees’ time.  For example, one team could be working on painting a wall and bringing cheer to an old age home, another team could be working out spending the day entertaining senior citizens and yet another team could be accompanying a group of young children on their first visit to the Bannerghatta National Park.

How do I cultivate being mindful?

Being Mindful is being in the present moment, paying attention to the here and now.  Doing this will bring about a balance and positivity into the picture and help you to get out of the narrowness of negativity.  

How do I have fun?

Cultivating a hobby and doing something that you absolutely love will help you stay positive, even if this does not pay you.  Think like a child, who is always happy and positive.  They only think of having fun.  

Staying positive not only gives you an optimistic approach to life, but it also improves your immune system and boosts your cardiovascular health.

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