Article: National Youth Day: Millennial bureaucrat quits to be an e-tutor


National Youth Day: Millennial bureaucrat quits to be an e-tutor

The privileges and high esteem of his administrative job did not deter Roman Saini from pursuing his innermost passion for teaching
National Youth Day: Millennial bureaucrat quits to be an e-tutor

To those who use Quora and Youtube regularly, Roman Saini needs no introduction. The 24 year old has earned many accolades to his name – an AIIMS graduate and one of India’s youngest IAS officers to clear the UPSC exam at the age of 22 and in the very first attempt! The story just doesn’t end here – Roman has recently made it in the news for quitting his lucrative civil services position to become a full-time e-tutor. 

In 2013, Roman Saini started Unacademy, an online platform to provide coaching to civil service aspirants, together with his childhood friend Gaurav Munjal.  Unacademy provides free study material to students through its video tutorials. His Youtube channel has over one lakh subscribers. In 2015, a total of 10 students of Unacademy passed the civil services exam. He says "My focus is on making quality education accessible, and I think the offline mode is not the way to achieve it." He believes that there is a need for technological to meet the demand of millions. "That is why I decided to pursue fulltime the concept of Unacademy," he adds. India’s young civil services aspirants are in awe of Roman who has achieved so much at a young age. Apart from having a splendid academic record, he has earned a graduate degree from Trinity College of Music in Guitar. Roman is the embodiment of the aspirations of the generation Y in India who want to use their skills for more than just monetary gains.

Young India is becoming increasingly self-aware and their career choices are in line with their passions. Apart from Roman Saini, India is seeing many young people who are quitting the comfort of their high-paying multi-national company job to provide to the needs of the society and the underprivileged with their special skills. Your D.O.S.T co-founders Puneet Manuja & Richa Singh are two of the many people who have ventured into the self-actualized path. The duo quit their high paying job to help people who need emotional support. Today, one would find many young but self-actualized individuals on the lesser travelled roads.

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