Article: Top 20 Reads from 2017


Top 20 Reads from 2017

While 2018 is right around the corner and the New Year celebration plans are all in place, we take a look at what you have liked reading the most in 2017. Here is the list of top 20 reads from 2017.
Top 20 Reads from 2017

What a trip 2017 has been! From big players entering HR Technology to socio-economic changes like GST, maternity bill, after-effects of Demonetization to major leadership changes, global sexual harassment cases, big mergers & acquisitions, and a lot more, phew! 

While we wish for an equally exciting 2018 but before you round up the year, here is the list of top reads from 2017:

1. 10 books every HR professional must read

In order to keep pace with the changes taking place in the business ecosystem, it is imperative for HR professionals to take every opportunity to gain knowledge and insights from every available source. Read here to know the 10 books every HR professional must read

2. Design thinking for HR: Why is it relevant?

HR needs to rethink how with technology, applications, and an endless flow of information and communication from diverse sources, they can help in attracting, developing and retaining talent.

3. In conversation with the father of modern HR, Dave Ulrich

Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and a partner at The RBL Group shares his perspectives on small and medium enterprises that aim to scale-up

4. Why we (continue to) hate HR? 

The author documented his own research for 10 years post reading an article in 2006. The findings did surprise him.

5. Interview with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith - Leadership development is a lifetime process

In an exclusive interview with People Matters, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, world-renowned thought-leader, and executive coach, shares his mantras for transformational leadership, the Wheel of Change model and his own personal journey of becoming a leader

6. The fall of the management trainee program

Companies are losing talent to their competitors within two years of induction into the system. Read on to know why this is happening

7. Rashomon Effect: Why your employer branding team needs a back office

The story of your organization operates at, if not more, 3 levels. The first level is the actual story - what goes on - what the actual employee experience is. The second is the one you tell a group of people. And the third is the story this group tells everybody else who's interested or just willing to listen.

8. 5 new job profiles that will drive the next generation of HR

HR personnel today are expected to come with novel ideas with regards to techniques and using new technology, while also being able to manage the expectations of the employees. Many of these functions can be spread across different roles.

9. The five tenets of building organizations for scale

From building an awesome team, to creating a high-performance culture, T N Hari, Head-HR at BigBasket reveals the secret of scaling-up.

10. A short story: The Notice Period 

Ajay, a high performing employee, decides to part ways in spite of ten years long service with his employer. Read his story here

11. Uber's growing HR Nightmare

With the recent sexual harassment case against a senior manager at Uber, amidst other cases of inappropriate behavior, has thrown the light back on the startup culture that ends up ignoring strong people management processes.

12. Interview with Verne Harnish: Leaders need to be learners

In an exclusive conversation with People Matters, Verne Harnish, Gazelles CEO, Founder of Entrepreneurs Organization, Speaker, and Writer of Scaling Up, gives practical insights along with tools and techniques that can help businesses navigate through complexities while scaling-up

13. Employers want Superman, not Spiderman!

What's the difference between the two apart from the fact that they both are superheroes but with different characters and characteristics? Well, let me tell you, Superman was 'born' Superman, whereas Spiderman was 'created'.

14. Legal HR: Can you fire a pregnant woman

It may be advisable for the industry to act with caution when dealing with matters concerning potential exit of women employees.

15. Here are some Best Employee Perks offered by organizations in 2017 

From stipend to travel during holidays to paying for your internships, we take a look at the best and most luxurious perks and benefits that companies are offering this year.

16. How will GST impact employee-employer transactions?

HR to rethink and bring in new guidelines to create a win-win situation for both employee and employer by accommodating the new changes envisaged under GST

17. Regressive or radical - One-day menstrual leave

Awarding a one-day menstrual leave once a month to female employees - is it regressive or radical?

18. Interview: Learn to look at problems with a global mindset

In this interview, People Matters talks to Katharine Claytor and Dr. David C. Miles about how the HR function can engage with business leaders, facilitate conversations and build capabilities.

19. Google enters HR Tech with Google Hire

Google's entry in the lower-end of the recruitment tech-market clearly shows they understand this space and thus, Google offering will be very competitive.

20. Key clarifications by Govt on applicability of Maternity Benefit Act

After the enactment of The Maternity Benefit Act, here are a few crucial clarifications necessary for every organization to know, in order to, apply and understand the lawfully. Read on, to know more.

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