Article: What is the future of employee well-being in 2023

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What is the future of employee well-being in 2023

The Well-being Outlook 2023 report from People Matters and ekincare highlights key developments in the employee well-being landscape and provides ways to revamp well-being programs.
What is the future of employee well-being in 2023

Employee well-being is central to how most companies interact, engage, and care for their employees' growth and productivity. One of the many long-lasting impacts of the pandemic, the employee well-being landscape in 2023 is maturing in its diversity and usage. 

The Well-being Outlook 2023 guidebook by People Matters and ekincare provides a comprehensive analysis of the employee well-being landscape. The survey found a growing focus within companies to integrate well-being programs into their larger talent management initiatives. A significant majority of 9 in 10 companies reported that they were using employee feedback and usage metrics to improve their culture of well-being, while 8 in 10 aimed to use them to create employee engagement.


Looking ahead, top areas where HR leaders plan on upgrading their well-being programs include: 

  • Increase awareness and raise adoption
  • Involve senior leaders in prioritizing well-being programs
  • Improve measurement of well-being data 

Companies are also tweaking their wellness offerings to match employee requirements better. Personalization (89%), Flexibility (86%) and Gamified Engagement (72%) remained the top three employee preferences that are bound to play an important role in building impactful well-being programs.  

Click here to download the full report and hear from leading HR leaders on their well-being initiatives. 

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