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Changing trends in employee experience in 2021

As the pandemic continues to stretch and impact our lives even now, employee experience is constantly evolving.
Changing trends in employee experience in 2021

Employee experience has assumed a new, paramount role and meaning in the post-Covid era. With employees now stationed at home, trying to deliver under the given circumstances and juggling to strike a balance between their personal and professional lives, how they are actually taken care of by their employers becomes of great importance. Keeping the workforce comfortable and motivated at all times is the topmost priority of the HR leaders, in order to ensure continuity of work with maximum productivity.

Many have been taking robust steps to curate exceptional, positive experiences for their employees, which is the need of the hour. However, as the pandemic continues to stretch and impact our lives even now, employee experience is constantly evolving. Employers are now rethinking their talent priorities and redesigning their entire employee experience strategy to make it relevant for the current and future times. This is because employee experience is now much more than just ensuring a comfortable, virtual way of working. 

An evolving employee experience 

Delving deep into the same, an evolving employee experience means that employees are now looking for more personalized experiences in the remote environment. Given that each individual has a unique set of skills, mindsets and home circumstances, they expect employers to address these individual criteria while designing or allocating work. Some jobs may be well suited to some, but not to others. Employers, therefore, are now working towards creating tailor-made experiences for all their workers on an individual level. The role of leaders and HR experts is therefore evolving alongside.

Furthermore, a great employee experience also calls for distinct, redesigned leadership models. Leaders in the current scenario are expected to expand their qualities and abilities to be able to establish a unique connect with their teams. This is a connection which goes, and must go, beyond work. Leaders who demonstrate care, concern and empathy towards their team members by understanding their core problem areas, issues, etc are able to create happy experiences for their team members. These employees are better aligned to the goals of a company and are motivated to drive positive outcomes. 

Apart from this, the importance of employee appreciation and recognition is paramount during such times. A pat on their backs for a job well done can go a long way in instilling a sense of security and confidence amongst people. Rewards and recognition continue to be an important element of employee experience, an area where leaders are now seen gearing up at. 

Taking employee feedback continuously into account

Also, to ensure a great employee experience in 2021, it is important that employee feedback and suggestions are continuously taken into account. This could be for any new project, decision, work style, etc. An integrated involvement of all employees, open communication channels and a health dialogue every now and then can contribute towards driving the desired employee experiences. 

Needless to say, digitization has a key role to play in re-shaping and transforming the overall employee experience in the new normal. Modern tools and technologies are constantly being employed by organizations not only to digitally interact and connect with their remote workforce and ensure comfort working, but also to enhance their experiences in unique ways. Right from applying for a suitable job in the company to performing various other roles, employers have been designing a comprehensive digitized experience for their workforce. As per a report, 90% of the organizations highlight employee experience as a crucial factor, while deciding to invest in HR technology. 

The current times are more challenging than the previous ones. It’s a ‘learn and grow’ environment, where the lessons from the previous year are being learnt and imbibed to create more enriched employee experiences. Ensuring safety, security and stability of employees is important, but a continually evolving employee experience has created a need for much more. Though the future looks uncertain, one thing is for sure – employee-centric companies are likely to emerge more profitable in times to come. Such is the power of a great employee experience!

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