Blog: HackerRank hires former FB executive Grady Burnett as COO


HackerRank hires former FB executive Grady Burnett as COO

HackerRank appoints Grady Burnett, former FB exec as its President and COO.
HackerRank hires former FB executive Grady Burnett as COO

HackerRank, a competitive coding platform hired Grady Burnett as its President and COO. Grady Burnett , was the Chief Operating Officer of Flurry, an app analytics company, which was acquired by Yahoo. He also served as vice president of global sales and operations at Facebook, during which time he helped Facebook set up the India operations. HackerRank was co-founded in 2012 by Vivek Ravisankar and Harishankaran Karunanidhi and raised $7.5 million (roughly Rs. 49 crores) in July 2015, and has raised a total of $19.9 million (roughly Rs. 130 crores).

According to Vivek Ravisankar, CEO and Co-Founder of HackerRank, "As we continue to help make the world flat by ranking programmers purely based on skill, it was crucial for us to bring on Grady, an expert in global sales and operations."

Grady Burnett who will be overlooking global operations for HackerRank with a special focus on India in leading strategic operations and sales said  that "Having built high performing teams of thousands of people at Facebook, Google, DoubleClick and Flurry, I've personally seen the holes in the traditional hiring process. In the past, we used blunt credentials, like GPA or school, to filter through high volume of candidates. But these filters consistently leave out diamonds in the rough Customers such as VMware and Zenefits that report saving more than 70% of hiring costs are a testament to the innovation HackerRank is bringing to tech recruiting.”

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