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BHEL to leverage HiPos for succession planning

PSU has begun implementing a system to groom its best talent for future roles through a scientific, multi-stage process
BHEL to leverage HiPos for succession planning

BHEL is in the process of introducing a multi-tier method to groom its best performers and eventually prepare them for planned succession. The model looks at cultivating the best talent across disciplines and nurturing them in different competencies and as mentors.

“Our talent management system has two components: HiPos and succession planning. For HiPos, there are two critical steps that we have identified as part of this system which we are in the process of introducing across the organization,” said K. K. Seth, General Manager HR-NIC and CPG, BHEL. “The first step is identification. This is applicable to the junior levels of the organizational structure.” Seth was speaking at the SCOPE HR Summit, 2015 held in New Delhi.

Statistically, 25-30 per cent of the eligible population at that experience level in BHEL is identified as HiPo. The second step is a performance-potential matrix of nine boxes, a combination of low, medium and high potential and corresponding levels of performance. Eligible candidates are measured and placed in these boxes before a final selection is made of those HiPo who score high in both potential and performance.

Once the HiPos are identified based on this matrix, they are then introduced to the next stage of the grooming process. This stage has three levels of development inputs. The first level involves rotating the HiPo to another department or specialization apart from her usual section or specialization. This will encourage multi-disciplinary exposure and additional skills. The second level involves providing inputs on competencies the HiPo has or seeks to acquire. The third level involves the HiPo being tasked with mentoring juniors. “This will be a task as well as practice for leadership roles in future,” said Seth.

In the next critical phase of the program, HiPos will be placed in crucible roles, as heads of department or sections. There will also be another rotation to test their competence in different functions. This phase feeds into senior-level succession planning. The PSU is in the process of implementing this system and will be monitoring results within the organization. Changes, it believes, will be visible shortly and will manifest further in the short to medium terms.

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