Blog: RIP Oscar De Mello


RIP Oscar De Mello

Oscar De Mello, our guide, passed away.
RIP Oscar De Mello

Not many people are known for having a spectacular combination of abilities – at a personal/individual level or at a professional level. But in our lives, we do come across such personalities who have so much experience and virtuosity – who have such finesse to them that we can’t help but admire such attributes, realize their value every day and cherish their presence.

It is a sad time for us. Oscar De Mello passed away. We have lost our guide, our mentor and a great writer today. We didn’t want to believe it. But we’ve finally grasped the reality. He is no more. A star. A ‘happy’ face. Someone, who always brought a smile on our faces. We’ve known Oscar as a person with so much knowledge that we could never estimate the amount he had. Oscar touched many lives and mentored so many with his extraordinary expeience in consulting and business - from the time he was the the Director - Merchant Services at Amex, the Country Head-Reward Information Services at Hay Group or as a guest lecturer at Institutions like MDI Gurgaon and Fore School of Management. His business acumen and expertise enriched the ones who were eager to learn from him.

In our interactions with Oscar, we’ve have always seen him as a support — one person who we could look up to for anything. But one of the things that we admired most in him was the way he was with ‘words’ – articulate, witty and ‘Oh! So Smart.’ Oscar was all of it. His writings told us about the mundane but important things which we needed to know – and in a pure business sense, gave insights as to how things should be. His wrote for the leaders, the employees and even the common issues we faced every day. We laughed, pondered and even practiced what he preached.

That’s what Oscar was all about.  A person we admired and believed in.

People Matters will miss Oscar forever.

May his soul RIP.

Here are a few of his writings that we will cherish forever:  

Oops! You've bought a lemon  

The Maverick CEO  

The Gift of Undivided Attention!  

If The ‘Highway’ Is Not An Option – It Actually Is  

That Awesome Victim Mode 

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