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A revamped appraisal system

Let’s have a look at some of the latest appraisal systems in the corporate bandwagon.
A revamped appraisal system

One word which gives ecstatic pleasure to all corporate employees is ‘Appraisals’. Though earlier companies used to give annual appraisals without keeping any other factor apart from seniority in mind, things have changed now. Appraisals have become more scientific, the approach is more efficiency specific. Recently, few organizations have adopted a monthly appraisal system which offers transparency and motivation to all employees. Let’s have a look at some of the latest appraisal systems in the corporate bandwagon.

Appraisals on the basis of frequent feedbacks

Feedbacks are must in every organization as they help in improving the quality and efficiency of employees. Some companies have adopted a new policy of calculating the number of positive and negative feedbacks during appraisals. In this method, employees receive frequent feedbacks based on their performance and by the end of the month, receive a report. This method also helps in generating self-motivation and a sense of responsibility in employees. They work diligently to receive positive feedback and avoid the negative ones. Feedback is the breakfast of champions. One important aspect of this system is that only those employees who are serious about growth and learning will grow while the fillers or the fence sitters will drift away from the company.

Appraisals on the basis of a STAR-SYSTEM

Remember the performance chart that we used to stick on our classroom walls? The one on which we used to get a red star for good performance and a black one for a poor performance. Some companies in the corporate sector have introduced the same method for promoting their employees. In this method, a performance chart is pasted on the notice board with the names of the employees written on it. The employee who receives the highest number of stars in a month/year gets promoted. The chart is made based on different attributes like punctuality, following deadlines, performance under pressure, organizational behaviour etc.

Appraisals on the basis of ‘Check Points’

In this method of promotion, employees are given 4 checkpoints (targets) that they have to reach. These targets are not limited to sales but also include things like self – development, team coherence, work efficiency etc. Employees have to clear all the four checkpoints for promotion. This method helps in creating a task-oriented atmosphere in the company and also helps in developing self – motivation in employees. 

Appraisals on the basis of ‘Self Goals’

To get away with the pressure of ‘must be achieved targets’, some companies have introduced a self-goal method of appraisals. In this method, employees are asked to create a list of the goals they would like to achieve and by the end of the month, these self-goals are analyzed. This method invites freedom and creativity in the company. Plus, it also makes them leaders. It teaches employees the art of self-discipline. 

It is said that motivation is of two types, ‘Internal’ and ‘External’. It is important to craft a method of appraisal which cultivates internal motivation as it gives maximum results. 

Different appraisals for entry-level and senior employees

Another aspect to this is that entry level employees should have a different system of appraisal. They should be given quarterly appraisal based on their performance. This will motivate them to work diligently and plan their future with the company. It will be beneficial for both the company and the employee. A new comer can be turned into an important asset as he brings in new zest and enthusiasm with him. If molded artistically, with frequent appraisals, the company can achieve great success. 

For Senior Management level employees, the appraisals should be given on the basis of stability and dedication towards the organization. Any senior-level employee who is brought from outside and is given big appraisals becomes a bone of contention between the employers and the other employees. So, things like stability, loyalty, years spent in the company should be given utmost importance.

Come what may happen to company policy or whatever the appraisal system might be, a diligent, disciplined and dedicated employee will always be a winner.

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