Blog: Darth Vader parody interview: Best recruitment strategy!


Darth Vader parody interview: Best recruitment strategy!

Darth Vader, the formidable Commander of the Imperial Fleet, might be a villain in the Star Wars series, but might just have helped Fort Worth Police Department in Texas, USA to recruit more law enforcement officers.
Darth Vader parody interview: Best recruitment strategy!

In a unique, creative and wildly popular method of encouraging more candidates to apply, the Department released a spoof video showing Darth Vader applying with them, and convincing them that he has the required skills for the job. However, amid the heavy-breathing background sounds, which add to the comic value of the video, Vader has to explain the short-comings in his career, like Death Start being blown up under his watch. During the course of the two and a half minute video interview, Vader also uses min-control and ‘The Force’ on the interviewer, however, expectedly, doesn’t seem to qualify and is asked to leave.



The video ends in a message to candidates to reach out to the Police Department to apply. This concept, though not exactly new, has proven to catapult the recruitment efforts into global limelight. The timing of the release of the video resonates with the buzz around the latest movie installment of the franchise. A treat to the cult followers to the massively popular series, the video has gone viral on the internet.

While many are applauding the creativity behind the video, and others are having a ball with the story references used, it is yet another example of ingenious recruitment strategies. The concept is simple, the production not very grand, and the writing witty and clever, however, it manages send the message across wonderfully, and to several thousand candidates at once. This might as well be a trend-setter for several organisations that could follow the lead, and could help the HR to prove that recruitment is not a boring and desk job!

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