Blog: Santa brings valuable guidelines for HR

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Santa brings valuable guidelines for HR

In this blog, find out some critical recommendations that the HR department can introduce to increase its productivity and motivate employees until the end of the year.
Santa brings valuable guidelines for HR

December can be an amazing month for business. As Christmas is here, it's a month to enjoy and work simultaneously. It might be the most incredible time of the year; each department is focusing on the coming year; budgets are getting ready, the sales department is emphasizing more on the closing of deals instead of focusing on new opportunities. But one department that certainly won't be easing off is HR. The Human Resource is all about employees and the welfare of the organization. The department has several challenges that crop up every year and demand your attention. It is essential to manage issues swiftly and in line with the law, especially in the festive mode.

In this blog, find out some critical recommendations that the HR department can introduce to increase its productivity and motivate employees until the end of the year. 

  • Automation in Recruitment: You might think we're mad for even thinking about the Christmas rush already. But in the world of recruitment, you need to plan. With the automation in the HR department, you can align with the business process on a dashboard. It helps you in keeping all the records of the business process and ongoing projects. Automation also allows recruiters to streamline their recruitment process. Nowadays, ATS has made it easy to connect with the candidates. Recruiting tools such as resume parser, which is programmed to integrate with an ATS, helps recruiters to remove manual screening of candidates even when recruiters are enjoying their Christmas eve. It reduces the workload of the recruiter with one click process only. As a result, recruiters can focus more on other business activities, operations, which leads to high productivity and efficiency after they resume their work.
  • Allow work from home to avoid absenteeism: Working with artificial technology is a reality. Ten years ago, work from home was not even a concept. But now, with the help of AI, it has become an acceptable norm. Every organization aims to get maximum productivity from employees. Offering such kinds of perks like flexible hours and work from home whenever required is a boon. Through these facilities, they can easily be reached through video conferencing, skype, or google chat. However, remote working is just a perk, which cannot be applied to day-to-day professional life.
  • Keep employees happy at workplace: Employees’ well-being and happiness are decisive when it comes to achieving a high level of productivity in a company. Having a fun-filled brainstorming session in the working hours can make employees feel relaxed. This is an excellent way to persuade them to work harder and smarter. Giving well-deserved appreciation and recognition at the end of Christmas week will also help in improving employees’ morale and motivate them to increase their productivity in this festive mood. Here you can offer appreciation in the form of incentives which becomes a motivation for the completion of the task on time. Such incentives can be designed based on the goals set and performed. 
  • An error-free payroll processing: December is one of those months in the year, which is the busiest. This month, the process of manually entering data into spreadsheets can result in a lot of errors. Opting a secure online business payroll software can guarantee the accuracy in your payroll through the simplification and automation of the process. 
  • Performance review: With Christmas month, its performance review season as well. Measuring the performance of employees is easy with the help of technology. The use of software programs helps HR Managers to measure the performance of employees by using various metrics. This ensures whether the employees are meeting the set standards or not. Performance reviews can help employees to understand what they are doing and how they can improve.

It is important to appreciate your employees during a hectic and stressful period. Get creative, and you'll be amazed by how well you can motivate your staff and can keep every employee focused on the goal for a Very Happy Christmas indeed.


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