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Holistic Healthcare and Wellness - A 360-degree view

The pandemic has catapulted health and wellness priorities to the top of the business mandate. As the waves of the pandemic continue to threaten smooth business operations, it's time to take a step back and assess holistic wellness. Over the past two years, companies have taken a number of steps to boost employee morale through several wellness initiatives - right from offline activities, mental health support and insurance aimed at addressing existing and future diseases.

Through our partnership with MediBuddy, we will curate the best resources on holistic healthcare and wellness - Wellness 360. With leading expert voices from the industry and the medical community, we will publish research, health tips, articles, blogs, virtual roundtables and expert panels aimed at simplifying your wellness journey - to help drive impact and care to your employees.

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Well-being as the next big talent differentiator

Well-being as the next big talent differentiator

With employee well-being today becoming a cornerstone of an impactful talent attraction and management strategy, how can companies stand out from the rest by creating the right programs?

Dhruv Mukerjee,
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How can we prepare for a challenging 2023?

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