Download: Employee privacy preferences in the world’s major economies

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Employee privacy preferences in the world’s major economies

Which are the nations most willing and least willing to share their personal information with their employers? Read more in this whitepaper.
Employee privacy preferences in the world’s major economies

Privacy is a growing concern among workers around the world as they recognize and begin to question how their personal information, shared through offline and online processes and technologies, is being used by organizations.  

This paper explores the role that national culture plays in shaping worker views of work-related data privacy. Applying advanced psychometric techniques to survey responses from 17,453 workers in 24 countries about their willingness to share personal information with their employers, significant variations were found across countries, with Indian employees most willing to share personal

information and German employees least willing to share. However, there is considerable variation in privacy preferences within countries. Read more in this whitepaper.

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