News: Arnab Goswami resigns as editor-in-chief of Times Now


Arnab Goswami resigns as editor-in-chief of Times Now

Leading journalist and the editor-in-chief, Arnab Goswami resigns from Times Now
Arnab Goswami resigns as editor-in-chief of Times Now

One of the most popular prime-time news anchor, Arnab Goswami resigned as the editor-in-chief of Times Now. 

Though, there is no official confirmation from The Times Group yet but as per the media reports, Goswami announced his resignation at an editorial meeting last week. Also, it is anticipated that he might start his own venture soon.  

The social media websites such as Twitter were abuzz with messages and posts, soon after the news of his resignation came out. Certain social media platforms even pronounced that Goswami’s last Newshour debate will be televised at 9pm on November 1. This was one of the most trending topics on social media from last few days. 

Since the launch of the news channel, Times Now in 2006, Goswami has steadfastly taken up leadership of the group.  He has been hosting several news shows, ever since, including the popular news- debate, ‘The Newshour’ and his interview-based show ‘Frankly Speaking with Arnab’, which is the most followed news show on television. 

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