News: O.C. Tanner appoints Dr. Padmashri Suresh as its First Data Scientist


O.C. Tanner appoints Dr. Padmashri Suresh as its First Data Scientist

Dr. Suresh to Help O.C. Tanner Leverage Data to Strengthen Company Cultures and Increase Employee Engagement
O.C. Tanner appoints Dr. Padmashri Suresh as its First Data Scientist

O.C. Tanner has appointed Dr. Padmashri Suresh as its first data scientist. Dr. Suresh will add invaluable expertise to O.C. Tanner as it leverages data to develop industry-leading company culture and employee recognition initiatives and services for its thousands of international customers.

"We are elated to have Dr. Suresh join the O.C. Tanner team," said Niel Nickolaisen Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer at O.C. Tanner. "Dr. Suresh will utilize O.C. Tanner's wide breadth of application data and apply predictive and prescriptive analytical techniques to help O.C. Tanner clients around the world build a stronger sense of company culture and direction for appreciation. We're excited for her work to help us strengthen relationships between our clients and their employees."

"The biggest draw to me about O.C. Tanner is the company's mission to create a business of valuing people. I'm really excited to be working toward pioneering data science efforts that support this mission," said Dr. Suresh.

Dr. Suresh loves working on all things math and data, and is a firm believer in the fact that data can be used to make the world a better place. She will use her experience in data science and artificial intelligence (AI) to solve problems in the realm of recognition and employee engagement at O.C. Tanner.

Throughout her career, Dr. Suresh has used data science and AI across multiple industries such as defense/space, information technology, education and public policy. Among her many impressive projects, she has built models that protect astronauts and satellites, predicted factors that contribute to students' success in STEM education and built intelligent tools for efficient project management. Her work has been recognized through several awards and fellowships from organizations like NASA, IEEE, Los Alamos National Laboratory and National Academy of Sciences. She has several superlatives to her name, including NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow from 2011 to 2016. She holds a PhD in electrical engineering from Utah State University. 

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