News: TCS to hire from campuses in FY25, Infosys keeps hiring on hold

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TCS to hire from campuses in FY25, Infosys keeps hiring on hold

For the second quarter in a row, Infosys has chosen not to engage in campus hiring, a decision driven by the company's continual evaluation of hiring plans. TCS has taken a different approach, beginning its campus hiring efforts for the next year.
TCS to hire from campuses in FY25, Infosys keeps hiring on hold

India's second-largest IT services firm, Infosys, has declared its decision to forgo campus hiring for the second consecutive quarter. Nilanjan Roy, the outgoing Chief Financial Officer, clarified during a press conference following the announcement of the December quarter results that there is currently no immediate need for campus hiring. 

As per media reports, despite this, Roy highlighted the company's robust off-campus program and expressed readiness to adjust if there is an increase in demand.

Infosys has opted to skip campus hiring for the second consecutive quarter, a decision influenced by the company's ongoing assessment of hiring plans aligned with demand fluctuations. 

In the quarter concluding on December 31, Infosys witnessed a reduction in headcount by 6,101 employees, bringing the total workforce to 322,663. This marks the fourth successive quarter with a declining headcount for the company. 

Notably, despite the reduction in overall staff, Infosys reported a decrease in attrition, settling at 12.9 per cent compared to the previous quarter's 14.6 per cent on a last-twelve-month basis.

Conversely, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a competitor, has adopted a distinct strategy by initiating its campus hiring activities for the upcoming year. Milind Lakkad, Chief HR Officer at TCS, emphasised the company's dedication to recruiting from college campuses and highlighted the considerable eagerness among recent graduates to join TCS. 

Despite a decrease of 5,680 employees in the quarter, TCS remains committed to the organic acquisition of talent and the cultivation of its workforce through campus recruitment.

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