News: Excelity Global partners with Zeta to offer digital employee benefits

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Excelity Global partners with Zeta to offer digital employee benefits

In a separate tie-up, Excelity Global has also inked a strategic partnership with GaiaWorks to provide Workforce & Payroll cloud solutions to APAC clients.
Excelity Global partners with Zeta to offer digital employee benefits

Excelity Global, one of Asia’s largest providers of payroll administration, benefits and human capital management, has partnered with Zeta, the pioneer in digital employee benefits solutions, to offer employee benefits to corporates on a fully digital platform.  The company has also announced the inking of a strategic partnership with GaiaWorks to connect their respective software and cloud services to provide an integrated solution covering workforce management and payroll services to clients in Asia-Pacific.

What the partnership means for Excelity & Zeta

As part of the partnership with Zeta, Excelity will offer its customers Zeta Optima’s digital portfolio comprising electronic meal vouchers and paperless reimbursements for medical, fuel, communications, LTA and so on. Excelity customers can now access Zeta’s single digital interface to monitor and administer multiple employee benefits across their organisation. Excelity processes USD 20 billion payroll & benefits per annum on its proprietary platform.

Zeta CEO and Co-founder Bhavin Turakhia said, "We are happy to partner with Excelity and offer employee benefits to many more corporates in India. There are a large number of corporates who shy away from running employee benefit programmes because of the cumbersome processes and logistical nightmares. We are confident Excelity’s expertise and reach will help us penetrate the market faster and introduce Zeta to many corporates.”

Recently, Zeta has also partnered with Sodexo to offer seamless digital experience with customers. 

The strategic partnerships are taking place due to the RBI directive which requires the phasing out of paper based employee vouchers. Paper-based meal vouchers, according to policy update by RBI, won’t be accepted beyond 31st December 2017.

Sumit Sabharwal, Managing Director (India & SAARC), Excelity Global said, “We truly believe that technology is a great enabler and organizations that combine HR and technology seamlessly, will outshine their peers. With the addition of Zeta Optima, our portfolio is further strengthened and we will now be able to provide corporates with superior solutions to further enhance their employee benefits programme.”

Using the Zeta platform, a corporate can manage and customise its employee benefits programmes digitally. This solution eliminates all inefficiencies associated with paper-based and manual processes, thereby helping save resource time and costs considerably. Corporates will now have access to Zeta’s digital dashboard to transfer grants to hundreds of employees in just one click and manage all employee benefits conveniently. With the Zeta solution, employees will receive these benefits in their respective Zeta accounts and can instantly start using them via the Zeta app, the Zeta Super Card, which is a physical card powered by Mastercard/ RuPay, and/or the NFC-enabled Zeta Super Tag.

Employees can spend their grants at 11 lakh+ outlets and online stores. In addition, employees can make reimbursement claims on-the-go using Zeta Optima’s reimbursement solutions and save taxes with these employee benefits. 

What the strategic Partnership means for Excelity & GaiaWorks

As part of this agreement, GaiaWorks and Excelity Global will integrate their respective systems of outsourcing payroll and HR management such as Excelity Pay and Gaia WFM, to provide integrated solutions covering payment rules, complicated attendance record and optimized duty rosters that are globally and locally applicable. The solutions will be delivered to Asia Pacific clients via Excelity’s global cloud delivery network. GaiaWorks and Excelity are already working on a systematic integration with their common clients, and promoting the integrated solution in several Asia Pacific countries like China and India.

Simpson Zhang, Co-founder and CEO of GaiaWorks, said, “GaiaWorks is persistent on a ‘connector’ strategy. We focus on workforce management, seeking partnership with major HCM software producers, payroll outsourcing providers and HR service providers so as to offer our clients optimized software and service. The Chinese enterprises are blessed with the ‘One Belt, One Road’ Initiative and the Asia Pacific multinational companies all need a comprehensive unified solution to their cross-border workforce, HR and payroll management. Our cooperation with Excelity Global marks our increased ability to provide better service to our clients, and ensure high efficiency of their workforce.”

Jeya Kumar, Executive Chairman of Excelity Global said, “Our strategic cooperation with GaiaWorks will integrate our respective systems, procedures and teams and will empower large and multinational companies to improve standardized management efficiency by unifying payments, time and attendance check. That is exactly the promise we are committed to for over 20 years: provide the best service of all to our clients by simplifying HR.”

Nikki Gao, MD of Greater China at Excelity Global said that this kind of cooperation is unprecedented in the Asia-Pacific region. The cooperation between Excelity Global and GaiaWorks will enable the company to provide richer and more comprehensive end-to-end HR outsourcing service, benefitting not only several hundred thousand clients and staff in China but also all of the 1.2 million employees that they serve world-wide. 

Recently, Excelity Global launched their new cloud-based product ezpayroll which will help in automated payroll solution, and is set to ease administrative burden and compliance responsibilities for organizations with less than 750 employees. Priced at Rs 9.99 per person, ezpayroll addresses the entire gamut of modern and complex payroll needs of SMEs to ease the administrative burdens associated with payroll processing, government-related compliance and scaling up with growing needs. At the same time, it provides employees with tax saving options.

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