News: Women oriented projects receive increased crowdfunding


Women oriented projects receive increased crowdfunding

Crowdfunding startups such as Impact Guru, Wishberry, Ketto witness increase in funds for women security and empowerment projects
Women oriented projects receive increased crowdfunding

As per crowdfunding Startups -Impact Guru, Wishberry and Ketto, the women security and empowerment oriented projects are notably receiving increased funding on their platforms. The campaigns related to women security products and empowerment raised around Rs 10 crore in the past one year. 

One such women security product is Safer, which raised around 6 lakhs through Ketto, online fundraising website. Safer is a wearable smart jewelry and security product that sends alert to one’s family and friends. The pendant is connected to an app -safer walk, which includes high security feature. 

Similarly, Impact Guru raised 1 Crore and Wishberry raised over 16 lakh  for a project called ‘Missing’ , which is related to issue of human trafficking and prostitution and it will be projected through large art set-ups and interactive augmented reality app. 

Impact Guru is an online fundraising and crowdfunding platform that helps non-profits, social enterprises, startups and individuals to raise money. On the other hand Wishberry is a crowdfunding platform for creative artists whose mission is to empower creativity in India.

Seeing traction of funds, other crowdfunding platforms like Catapooolt  is also looking forward to cater to women oriented projects. 

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