News: Microsoft India extends maternity leave to 6 months

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Microsoft India extends maternity leave to 6 months

The new maternity leave policy will be effective from February 1, 2016 and will benefit all women employees including who are currently on maternity break.
Microsoft India extends maternity leave to 6 months

In a move which is aimed at boosting a healthy and productive work environment for women employees, Microsoft India has extended the maternity leave for them to six months from the current three months. This is in addition to Microsoft India’s continued support to its women employees by offering them the option of availing unpaid leave up to three months and flexible work arrangements up to two years. The new maternity policy will be effective from 1st February 2016 and also benefit all women employees who are currently on maternity leave.

Rohit Thakur, Head of Human Resources, Microsoft India, said, “At Microsoft, our continual endeavor is to support our employees in the best possible ways so they can thrive both at the workplace and in their personal lives. We understand how important it is for new mothers to not only be able to spend time with their babies but also be able to transition back to work effectively. The enhancements to our maternity benefits are intended to ensure our women employees have the time and support they need to embrace this new phase of life.”

Further, all male employees at Microsoft are eligible for two weeks of paternity leave. Additionally, to care for adopted children, mothers are eligible for eight calendar weeks of paid leave and fathers are eligible for two weeks of paid leave. 

Microsoft is committed towards building an employee benefits package that caters to the diverse needs of the employees. Toward this, the company offers multiple support systems and programs to its employees so they are cared for both professionally and personally.

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