News: GlobalLogic employees can choose their own 2022 workplace

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GlobalLogic employees can choose their own 2022 workplace

Based on Employee Voice Poll, the company has assessed the impact of uncertainties and has revised its ‘Future of Work’ model that offers employees to choose to work from office or home throughout 2022.
GlobalLogic employees can choose their own 2022 workplace

GlobalLogic Inc., a digital product engineering company has announced that its employees can choose to work from home or office for the next 18 months. The company’s operations continue to evolve and the ‘future of work’ that was envisioned and introduced earlier in the system as earlier as 2019, will now continue to be extended in order to ensure safety for its employees. The company has revised its policies after conducting an intra-organization survey to assess what working situation will work best for employees.

With growing uncertainties around the pandemic's spread, GlobalLogic has revised its flexible work policy and extended the opportunity to continue the flexible hybrid model until the end of 2022. The autonomous decision has been enabled to empower employees to decide how they want to establish efficient delivery.

“At GlobalLogic we have always focused on “what” our talent does, irrespective of location. We are location agnostic and work on how we get things done for our clients. COVID proved exactly what we have believed in and have been doing, which is delivering performance, every time and from anywhere. We are now taking the next leap forward in driving the workplace of the future by listening to what our employees want. We wish to drive and offer the best employee value propositions in the industry”, said Sumit Sood, Group Vice President & Head of APAC, GlobalLogic.

Earlier in 2020, at the beginning of the Pandemic, GlobalLogic began invoking their Business Continuity Plan (BCP) response and initial transitions of employees to Work From Home (WFH) across key geographies including India, North America & Europe. Transitions were also initiated across our India locations (over a week ahead of the announced National lockdown in 2020.) Within one week 100% of GlobalLogic’s workforce shifted to a virtual form of working, from home or remote locations, without interruption to any client projects. This was a monumental task and a big win for GlobalLogic, their clients and their employees who are now working safely from home and reducing their exposure to COVID-19.

“This decision to allow employees the autonomous authority to work from office or home is a key step in our direction to empower our employees as partners in the business. Through internal polls and having acquired the general notion from our employees, we are certain that together we will make this possible. By introducing a conducive workflow mechanism, they are empowered to deliver better for our clients. We continue to evolve as a workplace of the future and set benchmarks for the industry,” said Rajesh Rai, Vice President – People Team and Head of Human Resources, India for GlobalLogic.

Earlier, TCS announced its 25x25 model, under which, by 2025, only 25 percent of its associates will need to work out of facilities at any point in time. Also, the employees will not need to spend more than 25 percent of their time at work.

Similarly, global corporations like Microsoft, Google, Facebook are providing their staffers with an option to work from remote locations permanently.

However, recently organizations including Wipro are getting their senior employees in a leadership role to operate from offices. This move may indicate that organizations, especially IT companies may start getting their other employees to start coming to the on-site locations from next year. The rapid pace of vaccination, less COVID caseload, and safe working conditions are the factors driving this return.

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