News: Most Indians say they tend to work during their vacations

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Most Indians say they tend to work during their vacations

A survey by travel company Expedia shares 75 percent of Indians feel they are vacation deprived.
Most Indians say they tend to work during their vacations

A recent survey by a US-based travel company, Expedia found that Indians feel most vacation-deprived in the world. This year 75 percent of Indians responded that they feel vacation-deprived as compared to 60 percent of the last year.

The survey which saw participation of 11,144 adults in 19 countries found that 41 percent of Indians contributed “Can’t get time off work” as the major reason for not going on vacations. The survey noted that most of the Indian participants worry about missing important work decisions (25 percent) or being seen as less committed to their jobs (19 percent) if they went on a holiday. 18 percent of the respondents believe successful people simply don’t take vacations at all.

Manmeet Ahluwalia, Marketing Head of Expedia, shared in media, “We dug deeper to understand reasons which are keeping Indians away from taking vacations and realized that Indians are the least to get a free pass while vacationing.”

He further said, Indians are expected to be available to their colleagues (34 percent) and supervisors (32 percent), and making 34 percent of Indians check their e-mails at least once per day.

The survey also found that vacations immensely affect an individual’s work as it not only minimize their stress and anxiety but also make them feel more relaxed, focused, motivated and productive after coming back from holiday. About 55 percent of Indians feel that vacation deprivation influences their productivity.

Top Findings:

  • About 63% of Indians can do without a vacation for over three months. 
  • Despite the fact that on an average Indians avail 15 days of vacation out of the 20 days of holidays they receive, only 53% of Indians use fewer days than they get.
  • Nearly 78% of bosses in India are found supportive of vacations. However, Indian workers continue to get distracted by work while vacationing as 32% of supervisors, 34% co-workers, 33% of junior staff keep disturbing them while they are on holiday.
  • Employees still do not avail their full vacation days due to reasons like missing out on important work decisions (25%), fear of being seen less committed (19%) or finding it difficult to coordinate time with their travel companion (33%).

India with 75 percent was the most vacation-deprived country in the world followed by South Korea (72 percent) and Hong Kong (69 percent).

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