News: The manufacturing sector achieves 86% employee satisfaction, faces fairness concerns

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The manufacturing sector achieves 86% employee satisfaction, faces fairness concerns

The latest Great Place To Work report unveils a resilient narrative within India's manufacturing sector.
The manufacturing sector achieves 86% employee satisfaction, faces fairness concerns

The manufacturing sector stands out for its resilience and positive employee satisfaction, according to the latest findings from the Great Place To Work report.

The report reveals that despite the challenging economic climate, the manufacturing industry maintains its appeal as a Great Place To Work, boasting an impressive 86% employee satisfaction rate. This achievement underscores the sector's proactive efforts to involve employees in decision-making processes, fostering a culture of trust and collaboration.

The report titled "Insights from India’s Best Workplaces™ in Manufacturing 2024" draws from data collected from over 4.9 lakh employees across 270+ organizations in India.

While the sector demonstrates robust performance across key pillars such as Pride (86%), Credibility (83%), Camaraderie (82%), and Respect (82%), there remains an opportunity for improvement in Fairness (79%), particularly among mid-level management. Addressing this gap is crucial to enhancing employee satisfaction and mitigating potential attrition risks.

The report underscores the pivotal role of the manufacturing industry in India's economic landscape, contributing significantly to the nation's GDP (17%). Government support through initiatives like Production Linked Incentive, National Manufacturing Policy, Make In India 2.0, Digital India, and Startup India further augments the sector's potential for sustained growth.

While there has been a positive shift in employees' perception of their workplaces as Great Places To Work, the report acknowledges the need for continuous improvement in organisational culture. Upholding promises, demonstrating authentic leadership, and prioritising honesty and integrity are vital for maintaining employee retention and fostering a motivated workforce.

The report also highlights the significant impact of onboarding experiences on employee perceptions and organisational success. A welcoming atmosphere during onboarding contributes to higher levels of workplace satisfaction and employee endorsement of the company as a great place to work.

Key highlights from the report include the recognition of top workplaces in Manufacturing 2024, featuring esteemed names such as Bajaj Electricals Limited, HAVELLS INDIA LIMITED, HIL Limited – A CK Birla Group Company, and others.

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