News: Grant Thornton Bharat announces unlimited leaves policy

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Grant Thornton Bharat announces unlimited leaves policy

The accounting firm has announced a variety of measures to empower its people and give them greater work-related flexibility. These include the introduction of an unlimited leaves policy, the option to Work from Anywhere ‘forever’ and optimised and collaborative workspaces.
Grant Thornton Bharat announces unlimited leaves policy

Grant Thorton Bharat LLP has announced an unlimited leaves policy for their employees, becoming the first accounting firm to take such an initiative.  

CEO, Vishesh C. Chandiok said, “As the firm that is known to challenge the status quo, it is our constant endeavour to ensure that our people have unrivalled empowerment.” 

The firm is amongst the very few organizations in the world to offer a flexible leave policy, empowering employees to take ownership of their leaves and plan their annual and regular breaks in advance for the year. Also, providing the Work from Anywhere ‘Forever' option enables them to create their own collaborative workspaces. 

Said Chandiok, “The earlier maximum is the new minimum (for leaves). We live in a new world where a culture of total trust is the foundation. The new policy propels our firm’s culture tenet of #AssumePositiveIntent. We trust our people to effectively manage their work and be high on our so- called #AccountabilityLadder.”

GTB has been setting up the foundation for creating employee friendly models. The firm added 3 days extra to its annual week-long break for its 4,000 employees  and now are moving ahead with the unlimited leaves and work from anywhere policies.

Recently, Myntra also announced these leaves and more organizations are joining the bandwagon for a much more holistic wellness policy.

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