News: EmpMonitor to bring 100 employees on board


EmpMonitor to bring 100 employees on board

The new hires will fill a range of roles, which includes inside sales and marketing, engineering currently for Bengaluru.
EmpMonitor to bring 100 employees on board

EmpMonitor, a leading, global provider of employee monitoring, insider threat prevention, and data loss prevention software solutions, announces it plans to hire about 100 people by the year-end. 

The new hires will fill a range of roles, which includes inside sales and marketing, engineering currently for Bengaluru. Currently, hiring will be done virtually keeping in mind the Covid19 precaution, despite of Unlock 1 situation has arise in the state. 

With COVID 19 pandemic hit the multiple sectors in many different ways, layoffs are happening at a very large scale. In such an era of crisis, EmpMonitor Founder Sumit Ghosh says - “In this stressful time, we are trying to provide and support people by opening up about vacancies this year-end. 

The pandemic situation demands work from home and almost all sectors have implemented work from home policy throughout the year. Due to which it is a need of an hour for us to increase our manpower and serve the clients.”

He added that - in these trying times several companies are walking towards pay cuts and retrenchment due to the coronavirus, EmpMonitor is hugely focused on hiring new aspirants with performance bonuses and planned appraisals to keep employees motivated. 

Although the coronavirus epidemic has left thousands lined up for unemployment, the dramatic economic change of widespread cuts in the hospitality sector has halted restaurants, hotels, and other service-based workers. Nevertheless, the pandemic has caused millions to remain indoors, causing a rise in demand for distribution and internet resources, triggering widespread hiring’s that may offer some relief for those in need of urgent jobs.

EmpMonitor has come up and confirmed many new in office as well as remote roles in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the spike in unemployment expected to grow, remote work opportunities dwell in keeping safe while still growing people's careers, irrespective of the circumstances.

We know many people have gotten impacted due to these unprecedented situations. This opportunity opens doors for people to get into working full-time jobs and fight bravely with the situation and the economic crisis. 

The recent developments at EmpMonitor includes Tata Consulting Engineers evaluating EmpMonitor to monitor and analyze productivity of 2500 employees. 

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