News: PE fundraising crosses $90 billion this quarter


PE fundraising crosses $90 billion this quarter

Record fundraising by Private Equities of around $90 billion in the first three months.
PE fundraising crosses $90 billion this quarter

Private equity firms achieved record fundraising of $90 billion since the first three months of 2017. The record figure of $90 billion is likely to go up by 10%, as per media reports.  The data highlights a total of 175 global private equity vehicles raising the significant funds. 

The said fundraising record is all-time-high as seen from the quarter of 2008. The credit majorly goes to North America-focused funds which recorded capital commitments and raised up to $62 billion, whereas Asia was able to raise funds of about over $13 billion during the current quarter.

Since the beginning of 2014, around $43.3 billion is raised by 333 Asia-focused venture capitals, and of which $4.9 billion has been raised by 49 India-focused funds. China individually has bagged a combined $27.6 billion since 2014.

Therefore, Asia is turning out to be most scoring in 2017 with almost 200 funds seeking capital from investors to position in venture capital prospects in Asia.

In India, around 24 private equity executives are aggressively working towards raising up to $2 billion.  The total amount does not include the sum being raised by recognized private equity funds.

Very recently, as reported by People Matters, Multiples PE acquired a substantial stake in PeopleStrong for Rs 400 crore. The funding is planned to be utilized to acquire other HR companies in India and across Asia. It would also look to strengthen its existing products, viz the HR App and the HR chatbot ‘Jinie’ that it launched last year.  The news comes at a time when the Indian HR industry is shifting decisively from services to technology. As the talent challenges of organizations have evolved, so have the solutions around them.

This development has reinforced the positive outlook for the HR Industry that has seen tremendous growth in the last 12 months as more and more home-grown HR businesses are scaling up. The Indian HR industry is estimated to be upwards of Rs 30,000 crore in value. 


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