News: Professional development startup Everwise raises $16 million


Professional development startup Everwise raises $16 million

A startup on professional development, Everwise, raised $16 million in Series B funding led by Sequoia Capital
Professional development startup Everwise raises $16 million

Everwise, a startup focused on how to make professional development scalable, has raised $16 million in Series B funding, which was led by Sequoia Capital. Canvas Ventures and Webb Investment Network also participated. 

The objective of the startup is to connect professionals with the people and resources. For example- to network people looking for mentorship including new entrepreneurs to online executives, who are willing to volunteer their time. Basically it facilitates online mentoring for company’s emerging talent.

Founded in 2012, Everwise is catering to corporates such as Oracle Systems, Twilio, Lyft, Genentech and Zendesk. It is first talent development solution firm that moves beyond content to incorporate social and experiential learning at scale. It focuses on providing employee development experience through connecting employees with the mentors, coaches, peers, and community members who will help them achieve their full potential. Also, by providing access to personalized on-the-job experiences and by assisting through tools such as assessments and dashboards to help employees chart their course. source :

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