News: uKnowva launches HR portal designed for the specially-abled

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uKnowva launches HR portal designed for the specially-abled

The company claims it is the first in India to create a HRMS accessible to all users with special requirements.
uKnowva launches HR portal designed for the specially-abled

HR automation software firm uKnowva has created a new technology platform for helping specially-abled people to improve their operational efficiencies within the workplace. In this new feature, users do not require special configuration to enable their assistive technology to interact with uKnowva. Secondly, it provides continuous accessibility enhancements and features that are delivered to all customers simultaneously with service updates.

The company says that with this newly added feature, they have become the first in India to create an HR portal which can be accessed by people regardless of their abilities.

 “This tool is user friendly, intuitive and helps disabled people solve their needs with one-click solutions. Self-service features and add-ons give more power to people with disabilities so that they can get their tasks done without any complications or issues,” said uKnowva Co-Founder Vicky Jain.

Citing an example, he said a visually impaired person can also come and update attendance and timesheets on the system seamlessly without any help from peers, which earlier was very difficult with the legacy systems.

“The primary challenge was capturing attendance of disabled people when they were working from home. Rather this was a challenge for every organisation during the pandemic, but for disabled people it was a more serious issue. This feature allows people with disabilities to access and use uKnowva seamlessly. Focused on enhancing the overall user experience,” Jain added.

With fierce competition and tightening of the job market, it's clear that making work tools accessible to more employees, including those with disabilities, is a winning human resource strategy — one that drives recruitment, engagement, productivity and the growth of the business. 

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