News: 8.1 million active job seekers against 0.1 million jobs: NCS


8.1 million active job seekers against 0.1 million jobs: NCS

The National Career Services (NCS) has revealed that currently there are 8.1 million active job seekers against only 117958 available jobs.
8.1 million active job seekers against 0.1 million jobs: NCS

Launched in July 2015, the National Career Services (NCS) has revealed that there are 8.1 million active job seekers against the 117958 available jobs.

NCS was launched with an aim to modernize the government-run employment exchanges. Till now 4.27 crore job seekers have registered on the portal against 9.63 lakh jobs, as per the data released by the Ministry on July 16, 2018.

Union Labour Minister, Bandaru Dattatreya, was quoted in media saying, "So far, 45 million unemployed youth have registered with employment exchanges. With the portal going online, they need not go to the exchanges to register their names but can be done online."

Recently, Care Ratings also released a report highlighting jobless growth as a reality. The report highlights that employment growth in corporate India dropped to 3.8 percent in FY18, from 4.2 percent in FY17. The report also found that jobs in smaller companies being hit the hardest. The rating agency shared, “The moderation in employment growth is reflective of the proposition that higher economic growth is weakly translating into higher job creation."

During the General Elections 2015, NDA had promised that it would create 10 million jobs a year, but by far the promise has not been met. Last year, Bandaru Dattatreya, Minister of Labor and Employment confirmed the current growth is jobless growth. He said, “Many European and Asian countries, including India, are facing it. While the growth is being reported but it is not reflecting in employment generation.”

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